Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 days in a row.....

I've got nothing! Honestly, I've got nothing to write about. I've been eating properly...or at least as properly as I know how based on the fact that the stupid diabetic clinic still has not set up a time for me. I've been taking the medication the doctor prescribed even though it makes me feel like shit.

I have, however, gone to the GYM...yes you read that right...the GYM 2 days in a row! I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I told Aimee this morning...I'm going because I know I have to but I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER like it! There is nothing nice or fun about going and sweating your ass off and feeling all tired and yucky after. I used the elliptical thing yesterday for 20 minutes then the treadmill for 20. They have this weight thing in the middle that I used to work on my flabby wingspan. Today I only did the treadmill cause I think the elliptical thing hurt my back. We'll see how I feel tomorrow...who knows maybe it was the opposite way around. I think someday I actually might be able to fly cause i feel the flab melting as we speak....OMG! I need a nap and a massage!
Friday, January 25, 2008

Good Friday Morning!

I think Mary Pat has convinced herself it is her job to ensure that my brain get the mental gymnastics training required to keep fit! She's tagged me again!

So here is my early morning attempt to appease the masses!

7 Random/Weird things about me....

  1. I hate going to work but I love to work. I really hate getting up in the morning and wasting time showering, dressing, putting makeup on, making lunch and commuting the 12 minute drive to work. It just seems like such a waste of time when I could just get up, make coffee and hit the computer.
  2. My day cannot start properly without my coffee and crossword. I need the stimulation that both bring to ensure I'm not thinking totally inside the box all day! Even on the weekends Hubby and I have coffee together while doing the Saturday and Sunday Stumpers!
  3. I simply adore Winnie The Pooh! I have a tribute to Pooh on my butt! It looks like this sort of. I got the tattoo on my 34th birthday because I love Pooh and wanted to be able to say...."I have Pooh on my butt!
  4. I love mustard. I love it to the point that I could and have eaten mustard sandwiches.
  5. I love my children immensely, but some days, I don't really like them and I'm not afraid to tell them!
  6. I have very few people I would call friend, but those that get that title...I would give them the world if they needed it and asked!
  7. I hate memes and emails that ask you to forward them but I do them anyway cause I a) I feel obliged to do the memes since someone took the time to think of me and type my name (MP!) and I'm kind of supersticious about the emails ....I mean I wouldn't want to lose my luck/money/sex drive/arm/leg/sense of humour if I didn't forward to 5,000 of my best friends in 30 seconds! That would just be horrible!
So now it's done and since I really only want to read about weird things if you want to write about them...I'm not tagging anyone, but I will throw out the idea if you need something to write about....

Have a great weekend folks, mine is being spent getting estimates on a new furnace and plumbing for my main bathroom.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


It's been a really busy week and I've not had a lot of time to update everyone on how things are going...so briefly here it is.

Monday I went for the other test the doctor wanted me to take to lock in the diagnosis. The test results pretty much sealed the deal. I saw her briefly that morning and she prescribed a drug called Metformin that I take in the morning with breakfast and in the evening with dinner. Along with taking the medication will come testing my blood each day at whatever intervals they suggest, changing my diet and exercise.

NONE of these things is that bad. I mean really, taking a couple of pills not difficult at all. Diet now that's a little more difficult. I've never had much willpower. The funny thing is I don't have a sweet tooth either. In all the research Aimee and I have done we've discovered there is something called the glycemic index....it's all about how carbs actually turn into sugars and we've found some really interesting facts. Carbs....I love carbs! They are my best friend and worst enemy!

Fun Facts:

Did you know that sweet potatoes are better for you than plain old baked potato- they are lower on the glycemic index, making them a low GI, which means good stuff for someone that has my problem! They make a very interesting french fry and the good thing is that because I can't really put vinegar on them I won't totally pig out on them!

A switch to a whole wheat or multi grain bread from white bread is another easy change and although I've never really given it much thought....multi grain bread is so much tastier than white bread!

Within the next week or so I will be spending some time at the diabetic clinic learning to prick myself (one of the more difficult things for me as I REALLY hate self inflicted pain!!) to test my blood sugars, spending time with the dietitian and learning to make these changes cause I really like the fact that I have for now...relatively healthy organs, good eye sight for an old gal and all my extremities!

See this is all positive. As my Mom said, "you've been given a few warnings now, don't ignore them.

The other positive thing is I'm going to start using the treadmill in the gym in the building where I work. For now I figure if I walk for 30-45 minutes everyday on that thing it will be more than I've been doing up till now and every little bit counts. I will start that on Monday.

We had pool finals for our 8 ball team and we WON!!! Yay! It makes me happy that we double qualified for Regionals! It proves that our team may not always finish in first place but we can beat out anybody if we put our minds to it! I'm convinced this is the year this team will enjoy VEGAS!!!

It's been a busy week and I need a nap! Have a wonderful day folks and we'll catch up again soon!!
Saturday, January 19, 2008

Under the Weather

Been feeling under the weather lately. A real feeling of listlessness, just want to sleep, lots of headaches....then the feeling thirsty all the time and the constant having to pee. It became quite apparent that a trip to the Doctor's was going to be needed.

I went last Monday and explained all my symptoms and she sent me for blood tests. Taking blood from me is never pleasant. I have very small veins and after many attempts even seasoned technicians have been forced to put a baby butterfly needle in my hand and squeeze the blood out of me that way. This last time was not really that different. Two technicians 4 attempts before they successfully got the blood to flow into their tubes for testing. I left with 4 new holes and bruises that would develop before I got home.
Anyway, it was good that I went as my suspicions were correct....my blood sugar test came back really abnormal. Apparently, the excessive weight that I'm carrying has complicated things into what may look like diabetes and my blood sugar was at 20.5. This is not good. I'm going for a fasting sugar test on Monday to see what that shows and likely I will be required to a) lose weight b) start monitoring my sugar levels and take pills for now to try and the levels to a more normal level of between 6-9. Abnormal enough that she'd like to follow it up with a fasting blood test. So tomorrow night I will stop eating and Monday morning I will go and submit myself to more puncture wounds.

Aimee and I went to take the Yorkie for her grooming today and our ritual is to go for brunch at the restaurant at the mall nearby where they serve all day breakfast. I had just received the message from the Doctor and my head was in another place. Aimee asked why if I suspected that something was wrong...didn't I go before. I didn't have an answer. I just looked at her and started to tear up. I couldn't answer...generally I feel like crap. My fibromyalgia has me in constant pain. It's especially bad in the winter. Sometimes it's all I can do to close my hand and make a fist in the morning and my last couple of years of back pain and nerve damage that leads to sciatic like shooting pains if I don't religiously take my medication have made me ignore the aches and pains. The sleepless nights, that even the CPAP machine that I use religiously, don't help and have given me something that I have been blaming most of the symptoms.

Honestly the answer is to lose the weight I'm carrying and this really scares me as my attempts to lose weight in the past have been totally unsuccessful. I've got to find it in me somewhere....my skinnier self is in here somewhere and she's really healthy. I know she is....if only I could find her!

I'm scared.

So...menu's have been planned and with the help of my family and friends I'll do it.
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moving right along...

Yes, some serious ass was kicked! Everyone played well and the results were positive. Now I have all week to worry about next Tuesday's round.

Meeting with client....wait on that one as well.

The week is halfway through and I am still trying to shake off the Monday BLAH's....must be the weather.

I really need Friday to be here.....I need to sleep!
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is it possible....

To be nervous and excited all at the same time?

Today is a big day. Big proposal going to a big company and I'm scared shitless! I'm nervous about this one! This proposal if accepted would be a very good start to the year for me!

I'm excited about pool tonight! We start the playoff games for another chance to go to a regional tournament in June with the grand prize being...yup...you know, the great trip to play in Las Vegas! We have to win playoffs to get a chance to play in those regionals. Some on our team would just say....no problem, we are already qualified but to me the whole purpose of each session is to prove to ourselves and those in our division that we are "IT" . There is nothing better than being "IT" So tonight, I will go out and if they play me...I will KICK some very SERIOUS ASS!

I have to go vomit now! Have a good day folks!!
Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, Monday, won't go away!

Not my favorite day of the week.

Monday's should bring wonderful new adventures for a new week, don't ya think? Not buying it are you?

I don't buy it either! On Monday mornings it's hard to get out of bed. It's hard to get geared up for the stuff you have to do because WHO can remember what/where they left off on Friday.

This morning...I had a 7:00 am breakfast meeting. Who scheduled this? Me....I am a complete imbecile at times and really on Friday when I was trying to close the deal I would have agreed to almost anything. So I guess on Friday, having to get up early and be out the door by 6:00 am didn't seem like a problem!

Reality check! BIG PROBLEM! Honestly! I could barely get outta bed this morning and holy jumping I was cranky with myself since there was no one else up and around to be cranky at!

Made the meeting, closed the deal...so I guess all is not lost.

Leaving the house that early is not without it's problems though! I forgot my lunch and even worse.....I forgot to throw on the crockpot.

Saving grace.....Aimee is home to turn on dinner.

So tired.....need a nap! Hmmm.....hungry to!

Damn Mondays!
Wednesday, January 09, 2008

To Crock or not to Crock

I've owned a beautiful crock pot since I got married. Someone bought it for me...I can't remember who..

Since I've had it, I've used it once a year to make swedish meatballs at Christmas. Recently some of the ladies at work have been spewing about the wonderful meals they've lovingly made for their families in crockpots. They actually put the ingredients in the pot, turn it on and leave the house! This is unheard of! Leave a small electrical appliance that cooks food unattended....how could they?

So there you have it....my fear of leaving the damn thing plugged in and on in my house unattended is why I have never used it for it's actual purpose. I mean honestly...isn't that kind of like doing laundry and when you get the clothes in the dryer you leave the house! What if it catches fire! It just seems so wrong!

This is a new age, a new year...time to try new things and therefore I decided that I would be a brave girl and try using the crockpot and leave the house to go to work. It's not like it's really on all day with no one there...Hubby is there, he's sleeping but he's there and I'm sure if there was smoke and fire he would wake up!

On Sunday, I prepared all of the ingredients for stew and threw them in the crockpot. On Monday morning I awoke, turned on the crockpot and left for work. At work I stewed about the stew at home in the damn crockpot all day! When I got home that night I found the house still in one piece and a wonderful dinner all warm and toasty!

I love my crockpot! Today we are trying it again with curried chicken. I'll keep you posted!!
Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Goodbye 2007

Today I asked my middle daughter and my husband to tell me what made their year a good year! They were very general at first and then I reminded them of all the wonderful things that happened to us this year!

Jennifer got her first real job teaching.
Aimee got to go to Australia to show the world of sleep what she's all about with good results.
Brianne has made real progress at school and is finally finding herself with great results because of hard work.
Rob and I got to go to Cuba for a wonderful vacation, we finished more renovations to the house and we celebrated our 9th year of marriage.

It has been a good year for our family!

I know that I take the small things for granted. The things that make me smile every day. My family, our pets, the people I work with that make me smile every day. These are small things in the grand scheme of things, but all of these small things make up the happiness of my life.

For some this year has not been so happy, or maybe it was until that fateful event that changed their everything. The event that is so unimaginably sad that there are no words for those that are living with the consequences.

My cousin's 12 year old little boy decided on Christmas Eve that he had nothing to be thankful for, nothing worth living for and he took his own little life by hanging himself in his bedroom closet. It came as a shock to the family, especially to his 13 year old sister that found him there when she went to get him to attend mass. This past Saturday they buried their little boy.

On Monday, amongst my friends in the bar, celebrating a friends birthday I cried when I got the email from my Mom. Not because I knew the boy that well, they live 800 miles away and I haven't been back up north to visit since my Grandmother passed away....I would say I didn't know him at all. In fact, I barely know my cousin because of the distance and we don't communicate. I get my news from Mom.

I cried because I can imagine the pain they must all be feeling. The confusion, the guilt and the great sorrow that all of the family are feeling, especially the 13 year old little girl that found her brother and was unable to change the result of his hasty action.

Their future Christmas' and every other day will be blemished with this sad moment forever.

For them and everyone that has experienced this or any other kind of deep sadness, my prayers and thoughts are with them.

New Year's Eve was a quiet time at our house, spent with close friends and family. We reminisced about the year that was passing and told each other our dreams for the future.

Today is a quiet one, everyone doing their own thing. Some are watching movies on the TV, some, like me, are finding quiet refuge in their laptops.

I hope that for you the past year has been a great one and the future holds only good health, great happiness and unending prosperity! Remember to love each other everyday!

Happy 2008!