Monday, September 22, 2008

Well I otta.....

Blog more often so I don't get tagged for these Meme things by people like Mary Pat over at My Second Journal

I love MP to death but ahhhh! I really hate memes...I'm not any good at them and I am very unspectacular so this one might be truly appropriate.

So here goes:

6 Unspectacular Things About Me
1. link the person who tagged you
2. mention the rules on your blog
3. list 6 unspectacular things about you
4. tag 6 other bloggers by linking them

  • I love my Husband and Kids more than life itself and I get very upset when they don't spend time with me on a regular basis
  • I'm hooked on my Blackberry. Apparently, two hours after surgery I was asking for it.
  • I watch no tv in the summer and way too much of it in the winter!!!
  • I was a very bad girl recently and spoiled myself with a very expensive purse (shhhh!) but it was so worth it! I love my purse!
  • I love to gamble and control the obsession with an occasional (2x month) trip to the Bingo
  • I love to do things for others and sometimes that gets me into trouble!
Tagging 6 other bloggers....nah, I can't do it.

If someone that visits wants to do it....well so be it!

Other than that....I'm back at work, things are healing, the weekend was EXCELLENT and it's getting fricking cold out.

I'll blog more often when I have some spare time.....


Monday, September 08, 2008

A Beautiful Bride

This past weekend was the Wedding that I've been planning towards all summer.
On Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at my house. The bride cooked up some lasagna's and we practiced the ceremony down by the lake. That night I kicked the groom-to-be outta my house so that we could get some much needed rest. On Saturday morning we woke up and started doing the wedding bouquets. They turned out beautiful even if I must say so myself!! I personally think we did an AWESOME job! We did 5 bouquets in total. We did 6 corsages and 8 boutonnières.
Once that was done we headed over to the bar where they were having their reception to decorate and get the desserts cut up for the evenings dessert table.

Once all that was done we headed home to get washed and prettied up for the big event!

It was a beautiful day! It was a beautiful ceremony. The Bride was beautiful!

Okay, I'll admit it...baldy was pretty cute too! He cleans up well!

It was an awesome day that went off without a hitch!!

We had a wonderful time!

Congratulations to the Happy Couple!
Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pot Pourri of life

Life is like that don't you think? A hodge podge of happenings that occur when you least expect them to! At least that's what my life is like. A wonderful melee of fun and not so much fun.

Looking back on the last few weeks life happenings....

Bathroom and renovations complete and then they weren't. We found that suddenly one day there was water leaking through our new crown molding and walls. Stan our wonderful renovator came back from holidays to find a horrid mess. He's a stand up guy and in two days we were all water leak free and had new walls and crown molding. Rob finished the painting and everything is A-OK now.

Puppies hated each other and then they didn't. It seems that when you bring an aggressive 10 week old male puppy into a predominately female household it thinks it can rule the roost....silly puppy! Hunny fixed his little princely demeanor really quick and now things are getting back to normal. Both dogs are acclimatizing well. I forgot how much work a new puppy is...blah!

Aimee and I started a cleansing program 7 days ago. Aimee did a lot of research and found one that had great reviews. We followed that research up with an email to my Aunt and Cousins out on the west coast that are all naturapaths and healthy folks and they confirmed that we should see some pretty funky and good results from this stuff.
I have to tell you I am having the best poops I've had in many years!! The stuff is all natural and doesn't seem to be too harsh on the system and the good thing is we can still eat (healthier, but we still eat everything) unlike some of those crazy ones that tell you to starve for days on end.

Other news on the home front....after four long years Husband is officially an employee of the place that he's been spending the other half of his life at! A full time employee complete with better wages and benefits (like a pension plan and stuff!) It's such wonderful news and he's SO deserving!

Remember me mentioning the stag and doe and shower I hosted here a few weeks ago? Well, this weekend is the wedding! I'm very excited for the happy couple. I know my friend has been looking forward to this happy day for many years and it's all coming together. On Friday we will be picking up fresh flowers for the bouquets and the wedding cake to make the final decorations on it. Then we'll be preparing the desserts for the wedding and shipping them over to the hall for storing. I'm hosting the rehearsal dinner here at my house on Friday night to give a central location for all participants and Dawn will be spending the night with us here the night before her wedding. On Saturday morning we'll be goingover to the hall to oversee the decorating/table setting etc and then racing home to my house to make the bouquets. Then the girls will all gather here on Saturday afternoon to get ready. The wedding service is being held at the gazebo down by the Bronte Harbour and it will be so lovely! Prayers for good weather are welcome!! Our good friend Colleen will be taking pictures along with a long time friend of Dawn's family. The boys are all getting ready at Mark's parents place....that should be interesting.
Thankfully, Dawn has chosen Rob to drive the guys to the service....this way they should be on time and I'll be here to kick Dawn's ass into overdrive. Honestly those two are never on time for anything. It's gonna be a busy week!

I wasn't scared and now well, I am, a little. As the day draws closer to this surgery I'm getting a little nervous. I've been to see the surgeon and he assures me that this is gonna be a piece of cake (or boob)! Today I went to see my family Doctor and got the prescribed pre-surgery physical. Seems like my recent stress that was making my blood pressure rise must be gone and I've either died or something good is happening. Both my blood pressure and sugar levels are in the normal range (in fact the blood pressure is so normal that she thought that maybe I had mistakenly woke up in someone else's body this morning!)

I'm kind of excited because all the new TV seasons are starting and frankly although I haven't watched TV all summer I'll be glad for the distraction. I've already taped a couple of shows and will watch them tonight after hubby goes to work.

So this post makes me think of Tom Cochrane's song...."Life is a highway" and really I do wanna ride it all night long!

Hope you are enjoying your pot pourri of life as much as I am mine!!