Thursday, September 29, 2005

And now we return to your regularly scheduled programming...

At the end of August there are two things that are added to the usual "back-to-school need to buy" list. They are "TV Guide, New Shows for Fall Edition" and lots and lots of VHS Tapes.
This is a time of research and trial and error. We try new shows and see if they fit two criteria: 1) we absolutely love them and 2) they don't conflict with any other continuing shows in our already busy TV schedule.
In September we eagerly await the Fall Listings for season premieres and carefully mark our schedules to ensure that we catch them all and there are alot of them!
With the wonderful world of digital cable we are able to start our TV evenings as early as 7pm! (thank you Atlantic Canada!) and continue to tape into the wee hours of the morning (thank you BC!) Our vcr happily chugs away some evenings from 7-2 am.
Yes folks we tape out of necessity! Hubby works nights (got this job long after he had nurtured this full grown habit) and I have a schedule that takes me out of the house at minimum 2 nights a week (sometimes 3). Once again thanks to digital TV, Brianne and I can sit together and lovingly plan her recording adventure on Tuesdays and Thursdays (might I add that these are the 2 busiest nights of TV for us!)

So now in order to accommodate everyone's loves we have 2 TV's and 2 vcr's working overtime to record fun programming such as:

Law and Order
Law and Order SVU
Law and Order Criminal Intent
Prison Break
The O.C.
One Tree Hill
Veronica Mars and so much more....

We can't handle anymore new programs...that Jerry Bruckheimer guy needs to take a break!

We're working on developing a system that help us not to tape over shows recorded and not viewed (cause that leads to such heartache!) It will have to be something we build into our basement renovation this winter...maybe shelves with labels that say "Taped this week", "Watched" and "Not Watched"...I dunno I'll keep thinking about it.

Any Ideas??
Monday, September 26, 2005

Busy, Busy, OMG Busy

Okay, I guess it has been a while since I last posted. Life gets very busy sometimes and for me this is the busiest time of the year. Not even Christmas is this busy. Every year it's the same old thing. I work in an industry where generally every contract we handle renews for November 1. This makes it crazy around here and generally one of my staff ends up in tears. This year we will strive to make that different. We have been working diligently all summer to ensure that we have the processes in place to ensure that we don't get caught with our pants down on deadline days. So far so good. I have an extremely diligent team of workers that I wouldn't trade for the world! Anyway, along with all that comes the fact that September brings a new school year and schedules that are very busy for the girls and our family.
I'm going to attempt to post on a more regular basis, but hell with so much going on there seems like there is very little to say..except...ALL is Well in our World!
Monday, September 12, 2005

Summers End

Well, today was the first day that all 3 of the DD's are officially in school. It's been an interesting summer of ups and downs for all of us in our family.
Husband's softball team sucked ass again this year in the first round of playoffs, but OMG we had a frigging great time with the gang...Games, Jello Shooters,Strip Bars (the wives) Drishing trips (the guys), and BBQ's for everyone!
The oldest daughter Jen, spent her summer discovering young and blossoming love. A summer of new adventures that she shared with her new man. Now she's off experiencing the thrill of learning to become a teacher. Her definite calling, I'm sure!
The middle daughter spent her summer trying to reconcile herself to joblessness and just when she finally got it down pat....damn it all a job (no 2 jobs) appeared. The balance of the summer was split between work, boyfriend and friends and spending time with her old Mom, teaching her a thing or two about cribbage and war and Old Maid!
The baby (turning 15 next week) spent her summer spending time anywhere but home! If an offer came to pack up her shit, she was gone! (but not without trying to bribe me out of her share of the grocery money!) Her summer was spent becoming the lovely young woman that suddenly reappeared on my doorstep!

Me, well I spent my summer working, enjoying my minutes with my family and just appreciating all the good things in my life!

Now we are all on to new things....another Pool season begins for hubby and I (different teams of course for the good of our marriage!) a new school year for all the girls. With fall comes endings and new beginnings...I guess that's why they call them seasons.

Happy Fall!
Friday, September 09, 2005


I guess there has to be a first for everything.... Heather has actually tagged me for one of those Meme things. So here goes!

7 Things You Plan To Do Before You Die
1. Grow Old
2. Play with Grandbabies..(mine or someone else's, no pressure girls!)
3. Travel to Australia, Europe....exotic places far and wide
4. Lose weight and find the skinny me!
5. Work for a company that appreciates my abilities, knowledge and skills without the office politics bullshit!
6. Dance at my daughters's weddings (not anytime soon girls, again no pressure!!!)
7. Build my dream house...I have the plans!

7 Things You Can't Do
1. Knit, crochet, quilt...make warm fuzzy afghan things!
2. play office politics
3. Keep my bedroom clean
4. get comfortable in a large crowd of people (network)
5. Ski (water or snow)
6. tolerate stupid people
7. go a morning without COFFEE, preferably Timmies!

7 Things You Can Do
1. Love deeply and wholly
2. cook a great dinner for 20
3. raise 3 absolutely FABULOUS Daughters
4. think outside the box
5. manage people
6. be sarcastic
7. provide for my family

7 Things That Attract You To The Opposite Sex

1. Eyes
2. Hands
3. Sense of Humour
4. Voice
5. Hairy Chests
6. Mind (learned this one late in's okay I got it now!)
7. Ass...gotta love a nice tight rump!

7 Thing You Say The Most
2. Dumbass
3. Whatever...
4. Think About it!
5. You've got to be kidding...@!
6. I have no money!!!! (say emphatically to 15 year old!)
7. Bite me!

7 Celebrity Crushes
note..this will not be good..I'm not real good with names of star people, I just don't pay attention to this type of shit
1. Vin Diesel (OMG I could never forget his name!)
2. Sam Elliott (from Mask, Roadhouse)
3-7 I can give you names of lots of real men that I could actually touch that I've crushed on but not celebrities, the two above I remember cause I would love to touch them or be touched by them...

7 People I Want To Take This Quiz

1. Colleen
2. Aimee
3-5. the usual suspects have already been tagged by Heather (Mark, Kate, Tracy)
6-7. anybody that wants to play!

Okay that's it for me...I really hate these things! They make you think and it's so hard to do that!

9 Ball Rocks and so does the girl team

Okay, so you all know that I love to play pool with our Ladies Team! We have been to Las Vegas two times playing in the APA National Championships and had VERY respectable finishes of 9th the first year and 5th the second year.

This year it doesn't appear as though our area will make the minimum requirements to participate in Vegas and we are very sad for this! We loved the experience of playing at a higher level of competition and the Ladies we met while down there were absolutely amazing!

All that being said we decided that our Ladies Team needed to stay together and we decided that we would play in the Mixed 9 Ball League. Last night was our first night and can I tell ya.....we rock! We won the evening 73-27!

We Rock!
Monday, September 05, 2005

Long Weekends and "Suc Mon Baton"

This is the last long weekend of the summer and it never fails that we try and cram as much into it as humanly possible.
On Friday, Aimee, Brianne and I got on a Go Train and headed to the "Ex". It was a day trip that we planned just to go check out the various exhibits and of course the offerings of the "Food Building". We got home around 6pm and visited with Jen and Matt for an hour or so and then everyone headed out their separate ways.
On Saturday we got up early, showered and headed out to get the required ingredients for the BBQ we had been invited to.
We arrived at Rob and Lise's house around 4pm. The gang was already there.

Nicole and Peyton sharing a moment in the sun.

Rob and Dale having a brewski.

Marcia taking a break from Mommyhood.

Grandpa Ralph cooing with Baby Mackenzie

Brianne giving her Mom the ole "Hello, I love you, now get away from me!"

Marty and Haley discussing the virtues of Kitty ears on a 3 year old...

on a three month old.....

or on a 30 year old!

Then we have friends playing....

Then we have our host..

Burgers and Dogs for 15 Guests $50.00
Allowing your guests to get you in full BBQ Attire....


Rob and Lise, thanks for a great time! I'm sorry the conversation headed so far south in such a short time. It is very rare that Husband and I have laughed that hard and for that long! And an extra special thanks to Lise for the lesson in language that will bring many laughs every time I hear "Suc mon Baton!"

Moving on to Sunday and a busy day was planned to celebrate my FIL's 78th Birthday. He arrived early and we decided on an early dinner so he could get home to go out with his buddies.

Today some TLC (the TV kind) and a nice snooze zone is the order of the day!

Happy Long Weekend Folks, It's been a great summer!
Thursday, September 01, 2005

$1.26 a litre! Arghhhhh!

Damn it all to hell! It's becoming very expensive to hang out in my new car despite it's niceness! I feel sorry for all those SUV/gas guzzling pig drivers out there!

Got an email that suggested that we don't buy gasoline today, yeah well I'm in! At $1.26/litre (that's $4.77/gallon for all my American friends) who the hell can afford it? I remember a time when I thought $0.48/litre was high and when it jumped to $0.65/litre, well I know I thought it was a conspiracy to drive me into the poor house!

Well I'm there already dammit....I wanna drive back to Rich Mountain but I can't afford the price of gas!