Friday, February 29, 2008

He's at it again!

Remember last year at this time my concern for my father's direction in his later years. Yeah that's the one. Remember how I said that I would be big girl about it and be totally accepting....well I still am, but I'm really getting worried about my Mother's safety both mentally and physically.....cause he's joined a gang!

This year he's changed his look (it is a good one Dad!) He does look great don't ya think! Oh he's the one on the far left. He's definitely the Ring Leader! I know this cause there could be no other way!

I love the long copper coloured hair!

In all seriousness, my father is one hell of a team player! He gets himself involved in these great activities down there in the warm regions of the US and he gives it his/her all.

You look faaabulous Dahlink!!!!
Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Reservations for Celebrating Good Times!

It is 3pm and it's official! Aimee is moving on to do her PhD. Apparently the six men recognized her brilliance and the decision was made after one hour of questioning and 3 minutes of deliberation!

Congratulations Aimee! I'm making reservations for dinner at the restaurant of your choice...let me know where!!

Love Mama Dukes

Lots and Lots of Mommy Luck!

Every time there is some big test in the lives of my girls there has been a tradition that I offer up some of the Mommy Luck that for whatever reason helps boost the confidence level for them.

The girls are always well read and even overly prepared for whatever faces them and they always do very well......they still say it's because of that Mommy Luck. I'm okay with that. It's very nice to know that even as they get older they can still be calmed by a positive thought from a Mom that knows they are going to just fine.

Today, I am sending out TONS of Mommy Luck to Aimee. Aimee is defending her Master's Research and her plan for PhD Research. When she passes (note the confidence) she will be transferring from her Master's program to begin her next journey into Doctorate work. I am very confident that the weeks of preparation she has done and her love for her work will shine through in her presentation to the 6 members of the committee that will decide her immediate future.

I am so confident that I want to make reservations at the restaurant of Aimee's choice for tomorrow night so that we can celebrate together!

So Aimee.....even if you don't call me before you begin today....I love you loads and send you TONS of Mommy Luck even though I know you don't really need it cause as Rob would say...they just have to look at you, hear you speak for 5 minutes and they will agree that you are going to be introducing the world to wonderful and exciting new research!

Love Mama Dukes
Thursday, February 21, 2008

What would Jesus do?

So I have to tell you.....I have recently been charged with asking myself "What would Jesus do?" in my daily situations and dealings. I'd also like to mention that the person that suggested this brief discussion in my head was a very important person in my life. I'm not going to specify who cause I don't want to insult anyone but frankly when I heard that my first thought....."Who the FUCK cares what he would have done 2000 years ago in a time that was very different from today!"

So you might ask yourself what am I gonna do about this?????

1) I'm going to take off my shoes and socks
2) get a pedicure and put on some sandals
3) take off these constricting clothes and put on a caftan
4) take a course on making wine out of water
5) pick up an industrial size bread maker
6) brush up on my fish recipes

and last but not least......

7) get me a hot tub so that year round baptisms can happen at my place with little inconvenience and no loss on comfort

Some people just blow me away with their stupid ideas!!!

God Bless you my children! Have a great day!
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The nerve of some people's children!

Our area of Ontario has been all over the news of late. We have been getting some really crummy weather. Last week we got hit with significant snowfall 2 times in 36 hours. This week there was promise of another 20 centimeters and last night was the night it was supposed to really hit. Well let's just say we did get some.

I mean honestly, it's winter! You can't really be that surprised that we're getting snow! Living in Canada means that at this time of the is a possibility! We all still have to go to work, school and any other commitments that we make. Don't get me wrong if there is major weather happening, I don't expect anyone to risk their butts if they don't absolutely have to! But come on people! Haven't you put snow tires on your vehicle? Is this your first time seeing the white stuff? We got some snow. In comparison to other PROBLEM.

So please tell me why.....the team we were supposed to be playing at Pool last night didn't bother to show. The one guy that was there plays on two teams and he was playing with the other team last night so basically our team showed up for nothing!

The nerve of some people's children!!!!
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Times, Good Friends!

It's not often we find people in our lives that we work with and really want to spend time with them.
In my last job, I found a great group of gals that fit that bill. Over the years we've all changed jobs, some have found new love, one has gotten married and had a baby. All of us have conquered great challenges in these past years since we all worked together. These challenges have made us strong, beautiful women!

See what I mean! All beautiful women with a passion for life!

On Friday night we got together for dinner and drinks. It was a great evening! We chatted and caught up on each others lives. Getting together with this great group of girls was comfortable, it was like putting on a trusted warm that is sure to make you feel cozy and warm once on and one that you hate to take off. We laughed, we bitched, we laughed some more.
More importantly, I think we all remembered what we missed about our times together and I hope that we will all take more time out of our busy schedules to get together more often!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun and Games in the Winter!

A very good friend of mine made the decision to pack up her worldly goods and make the move to a city about an hour north of Toronto.

Dawn hates the cold. She hates the snow.

I knew that this may be a problem. I think after last weeks snow fall she may be reconsidering her position!

Let's play "Can you find the car"

This is what she woke to that fateful morning! LOL!!!

All's well that ends well!

Aimee's boyfriend was released from lockdown around 6:15pm last week after what turned out to be what they are calling a false alarm.

From boyfriend's point of view.....not a chance. He figures that the guy, whoever it was, got out before police showed up when they announced the lockdown. Gemini was in the immediate area of where the supposed gunman was and his class was all windows, providing very little coverage. The fear was very real.

I think it will be a while before students feel truly comfortable that this is over. The thought that what if he just did walk out after the announcement...what if he wasn't finished doing what he wanted to accomplish...what if he comes back!?!?!? All very real questions and concerns.

Just another reason to LIVE, Love and Laugh every moment to its fullest!
Friday, February 08, 2008


Apparently the situation is not under control and the school is still under lockdown.

Keep checking and I will let you know what I know...when i know!

When violence is sooo close to home!

It's very scary when violence is so close to home. This afternoon our local community college was "locked down" because the police received a call about a gunman.

Here's the story

It's even scarier when you know someone you love is locked inside with the scary gunman!

Aimee's boy was there and when I spoke to her she sounded very upset! I totally understand that, knowing someone you love is in danger is a very scary feeling. She was able to contact him and he is fine.

It's scary when you realize there is REAL danger out there and it is in your backyard.
Monday, February 04, 2008

Computer Crisis

Another great week, off to a wonderful start at the gym this morning.....blood sugar levels totally off the wall still and no amount of being careful seems to be helping. (are you hearing the sarcasm!?!?!?!)

So track and monitor and this will be an issue the Doc is gonna have to assist with. I'm truthfully behaving myself.

Busy day at many things to do and not enough hours in the day. It doesn't help that I know I'm away for 2 days at a conference and I have client appointments each and every day! This just adds to the excitement.

Tonight we made Shrimp stir fry for dinner, served on a bed of rice...(half cup to be exact) and I couldn't even eat all of that! Pills are still making me feel funny but this too shall pass they tell me.

Aimee is busy working on her PHD applications due on Friday and 7 and 1/2 pages out of 10 pages into it her computer crapped out!

Diagnosis......NOT GOOD....HARD DRIVE DONE like dinner!

Now Aimee is generally very good about backing things up on her external hard drive and thankfully 2 years of work is not lost. However...PHD application not saved. We called Dell and they were unable to assist except to offer a new hard drive covered under warranty.
I called a company in town and they told me that they would analyze and estimate data retrieval for between $400 and $4000 all done within 6-10 weeks. Hmmmm, lots of money for little help. I called in a favor from a great friend that plays pool with me and he came over and laid it on the line. Hard drive is toast and nothing he brought with him was even recognizing the hard drive. He took away the hard drive to see if he could rescue any of Aimee's data off of it. He's actually going to stick it in the freezer as a last resort...something about loosening things up once they shrink that might help?!?!?!?

Good thoughts that whatever our pal George does works and Aimee might be able to sleep between now and Friday!

In the mean time...this is a really busy week for me and likely little time for updates.

So to all my friends....Have a Fabulous week!