Thursday, June 23, 2005

On the way to Ohio....dear, deer me!

Many moons ago, before we were married, DH and I decided that we would take an unplanned road trip. A spur of the moment adventure for two new lovebirds. OH, where to go?... For any of you that know me, I am the least adventurous person in the world. I love the idea of adventure but to actually risk going out into the world, hmmm...not so much. DH on the other hand, LOVES adventure and had been tossing this idea about for many weeks.

So on the very first long weekend of the summer, we packed up my old station wagon with the mountain bikes and very little else except our clothes and headed across the border to visit a friend that we had heard was living in Ohio. I mean really Ohio's not far on the map, only a couple of inches. What was the worst thing that could happen?

I was very excited, in fact, thrilled that my new man was making me give into my dream of wanderlust and actually make it happen. Something about that excitement sparked a really deep passion that I had never felt before and soon I was asking how many states we would actually go through. DH was dumbfounded why did I ever need to know that? Well I think I shocked him with my explanation that I thought it might be fun to have sex in every state we passed through and this may have been a contributing factor to why he asked me to marry him a few short months later....

First stop, Tops Supermarket in Niagara Falls, New York. Not for sex, but to exchange our Canadian funds into the native US currency and to get directions to the highway we needed to find. After asking many people and not getting good directions, (yes i am a woman and ask for directions!) we finally lucked out and a very nice woman actually drove us to the required exit! (if that was you, THANK YOU!).

By the time we actually got on to the interstate highway we needed it was starting to get dark and my paranoia was kicking in. DH wanted to stop for a break and I was worried that if I got off the damn highway we'd never find out way back. It was my first experience with Toll Highways...I mean seriously people, much easier to pay taxes and let the MOT take care of the roads then stop a gal every 20 minutes for a couple of bucks! Anyway, to make a long story short we left the State of New York with no extra curricular activity except paying the tolls!

Then came Pennsylvania...hmmm a lovely state in the dark. I'm holding strong and despite the fire pit of passion in my tummy for the specimen sitting beside me I was NOT stopping! It was dark dammit and it was my first adult adventure! DH was not happy...I had peaked his interest only to let him down and we were already in the second state of our travels. What's a girl to do, the next best thing is to help a poor soul out of his misery and at least lend him a hand! So that's what I did. Remember, this is my first adventure and I'm really being daring now! I'm giggling and happy at the fact that we achieved a happy compromise and DH is kicking back enjoying the scenery when BAM!!!! It hit us! Something bolted straight into the side of my car, hit the front fender and left blood, hair and dents all along the passenger side of my car!
I screamed, DH yelped at the sudden uncomfort and I quickly released and put both hands back on the steering wheel and pulled over on the side of the highway. While DH was adjusting his clothing and I was sitting sobbing a knock came on his window. It was the people that were behind us and they told us that it was a Deer that bolted out onto the highway into our car and after it hit us, it stumbled, got hit by them and got up and ran into the forest. They were stopping to check their vehicle out and thought they would check to see if we needed any help since we probably got the brunt of it. All zipped up and certain things returned to normal, DH got out of the car to check things out and we were surprised how little damage was actually done to the car.

Once I finally stopped shaking we continued on our journey with both hands on the wheel all the way there, and making all promised stops on the way home during daylight hours to avoid surprises!

All in all it was a memorable adventure and DH and I still like to take road trips together!
Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fricking HillBillies!

DAMN THEM, Damn them, damn them!
It's the evil people next door's summer and they have emerged to make all who live in the neighbourhood miserable for yet another summer!
The got the damn house reappraised again (4th time) and they are staying! Now some stupid ass bank is gonna give them more cash so they can continue to make my life miserable! All I wanna do is make them GO AWAY! They don't even have to have something trecherous happen to them or their evil spawn, I'm not that mean! They just have to go away. Does anyone have suggestions on how to pollute their pool? If I could just find a way to make it so they never leave their house I could be happy! I just want to go to bed at a reasonable hour with my window open and a nice evening breeze coming through my open window but no.....Tuesday night 1 am and those idiots are in their yard, music blasting and 6 people trying to outdo the other and make themselves heard. I hear the entire conversation and so do the neighbours 6 doors down! 1:15, I yell from my bedroom window and ask the Dumbass's wife to "PLEASE, turn down the music!... She looks up to my bedroom window, waves and continues to drink her beer. I actually had to drag my fat arse out of bed, downstairs and yell over the fence, again with the whole speil that I will not be a prisoner in my own home and if they continue to abuse my good nature, I'M FUCKING CALLING THE COPS! OMG, she finally turned the tunes down and moved her alcoholic bleach blond head and fake boobs into the garage! 2am hmmm, well 4.5 hours of sleep is better than nothing.

I came home early this afternoon to relax in my backyard with a long tall drink, a book and a little sunshine and they were there full blast, hound from hell barking at the flies and the screaming prodigy all trying to get the drunken ones attention! Kill me please!

Please someone tell me how I can make them go away...without criminal intent!

Saga of the passed MIL continues.....

So now what you ask, could there be more....but of course! Besides the interesting introduction, I got more insight on Rob's family than I could have ever wanted. The weeks following the discovery of a dead future MIL were quite interesting.
After the ambulance guys imparted their wisdom on us, "ummmm, excuse me, but why did you call us? She's been dead for quite some time you know..." OMG, you're kidding? The rubbery rigid dehydrated corpse lying on the floor wasn't your first clue was it? Fuck, I don't know perhaps we should have called the funeral home directly. I mean c'mon we weren't really thinking when we dialed 911 and told them we found a dead person? We aren't the ones that dispatched an ambulance! Give me a break! Anyway, after they left the police showed up. They asked us to wait downstairs in the lobby while the examined the scene. It was CSI Hamilton, before CSI was on TV. So that's what we did. By the time we got down there every poor Senior was in the lounge waiting to give their condolences to the lady in 210's family. They were quick to tell us that Dot was a quiet lady that kept to herself, (dead people tend to do that!)and that they had noticed that she hadn't been leaving the apartment much for a couple of months. Strangely enough the Victorian Order of Nurses office is next door to MIL's apartment and nobody thought to knock and see if they could offer the old bird some assistance. Anyway, while we were down there the Super kindly opened the mailbox and gave us all her mail. 3 months of pension cheques, many notices of disconnect for phone, cable etc. and to top it all off a letter from the Hamilton Housing Authority sayng she was 4 months behind in her rent and if they didn't receive their money she was outta there on Feb 1. Kind of ironic that had we not made the decision to show up on Jan 18th, they would have been the ones to find her and I guess they would have known why she was behind in rent!
Four long hours later the police come downstairs to inform us that the coroner is coming to pick her up. They have decided that an autopsy is required to determine the cause of death (to rule out foul play) and that once the autopsy has been completed we will be free to bury our loved one. So Officer Big Attitude says "ummm excuse me, just so you are aware there are some things in her underwear drawer that you may find very interesting, be sure to check it out before you leave" Things in her underwear drawer???like what? Turns out the lady has been stashing her pension cheques and there are 13 months of both American Social Security (lived and worked in California for many years) and same amount of months for Canadian pension. Total was big bucks! So I ask why was she living in squalor, in subsidized housing? Why did she routinely ask my Father in Law for money? Well according to my poor husband she was "just like that!" The next day when I called her bank and let them know she had passed they were quick to tell me to look for a safety deposit box. I should deposit the cheques in her account then they would lock it down. If we turned in outstanding bills they would pay them for her and they would also pay her funeral expense out of that money, but be sure to find the safety deposit box key! Very intriguing! FIL figured she had a will in there cause that's what the estranged Brother In Law told him along with the fact that he knew that she was leaving everything to him! I really had to put my foot down and tell these two little old men that everything would be settled according to MIL's last wishes and to sit down and stop squabbling!

So I returned to the apartment, alone. Husband and FIL refused to return to the scene! Can't say that I blamed them, but hell I wasn't even remotely related to this woman and I had to go back and go through her personal belongings to find some apparent key. 6 hours of searching led me to the bedroom closet, in the very back, inside a green garbage bag, inside a suitcase, inside another bag, inside a purse inside 3 more bags of various sizes I found the envelope that contained the key! I found many other things that surprised and astounded me. Like the fact that MIL had been married before and had had a son...OMG Rob has a brother...nope that's when I found out Rob was adopted! Wonder if he knows this? Do I tell him? Fuck! This is far too complicated for an outsider! Does FIL know about the previous? He must! Do I say somehting..I mean really should we be letting her son know that his birth mother has died? So many questions! I found other shit that day that led me to wonder about her death, things like a green garbage bag of condoms and literature from a needle exchange program...a green garbage bag full folks! Mind is spinning now, did she have aids? Was she an addict? Did she OD? OMG I couldn't stand it, I had to leave that bad place before I found out more.

The next day I called the bank and informed them that I had found the key. "One key? There should be two. If you don't find the other there will be a $75. charge to replace the lock." Yeah well you're gonna have to replace it cause I ain't searching that hell hole again by myself for another key! Send me the bill! Nice lady on the phone giggles at that one. "Yeah, sounds like Dot, she really was a strange old duck! Strange, that is an understatement! This woman lived like a bag lady, collecting old clothes and stuff from second hand stores, stealing toilet paper from public facilities (I know this cause I found green garbage bags of TP wrapped up like you do when you gotta take some with you just in case, stored in a closet) Her fridge was empty people! And I'm not kidding, it was completely void of anything remotely resembling food! No condiments, no juice, no NOTHING! (except empty plastic bags..cause we wouldn't want to wreck the fridge by having it refrigerate nothing!) Anyway, we make an appointment to go to the bank to open this mysterious SDB. On Friday, I take yet another day off work and haul FIL and his nasty little BIL to the bank. Lady at the bank was very nice and when we open the damn box it is stuffed full of CASH! People I had NEVER seen so many bills in one place, at one time! My MIL was hoarding cash!
Enough for now, will continue tomorrow on the lunch must be tired...I know I am.
G'night, TTYL
Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Linda, meet my Mother, Mom meet Linda

This is the story of how I met my Mother-in-law for the first time.

When Rob and I decided to announce our engagement and forthcoming wedding, I felt very strongly that I needed to meet his Mom. Rob's Dad had introduced us for heaven's sake! I felt it was only fair, that although Rob's Mom and Dad were separated and she didn't play a huge part in Rob's adult life, I wanted to meet the woman that had raised the man I loved!

We announced our engagement in August and set the date for the following August. Rob called his Mom on the phone and told her the good news. He invited her to come to our house for a BBQ on the following weekend. She politely declined claiming alternate plans and suggested that we look at our calendars and set another date. She would talk to Rob the following weekend. This went on for months! Thanksgiving came and went, invitation made and politely declined. The invitation for Christmas and New Years was met with a polite explanation of how she may go and spend the holidays with her brother's family in Florida. I was feeling like she just didn't want to meet me. Rob didn't seem to care and clearly stated that if he never saw her again it wouldn't be an issue as she had been a very difficult parent. (I'm softening this from what he actually said...he swore alot!) Anyway Rob's dad called shortly after Christmas and said that he was worried about his estranged wife! He had sent her money for Christmas and it was unlike her to not cash the cheques. We told him that we thought she was in Florida with her brother and he began to laugh. Apparently, there is no relationship between her and her brother and this could definatley not be. Dad tried calling her to find the phone disconnected. Apparently this was not uncommon for her. She was not the best bill payer and utilities often got cut off when Rob was a child. Dad called us back would we be willing to drive him to the nearby town to go and check on her. We agreed that the next Sunday would be the day that we make the trip. All that week I could only think about what I would wear, what I would say. My goodness I was going to meet my future Mother In Law. A most important occasion!

Finally Sunday arrived. We left our house to pick up Dad around 11 am. When we arrived at the Seniors apartment building to visit with Mom it became clear that you needed a phone to admit people into the building. We decided to buzz the superintendent to see if he would let us in. He kindly did so when we explained the situation. Up to the floor, knock on the door....again and answer. Dammit, it's Sunday morning. Where could she be? Is she a churchgoer? According to Rob...Hell No, she's the devil incarnate, she wouldn't step foot in a church. More likely that she's in the bar across the street. Okay then, well lets go have a coffee and we'll wait. Back to the lobby.

So the lobby of this Seniors building is like that of most seniors buildings. Lots of shabby, comfy old furniture in the lounge, giving the old folks a relaxing place to gossip and play cards or whatever they do to occupy their time. One wall is covered in mail boxes and over the mailboxes is a sign that reads:

Please empty your mailboxes daily! The Postman is watching you!

So cute! So having a peek around I notice that Mom's mailbox is stuffed...and I mean stuffed with Mail. It's actually pushing out the small cracks in the front. Deep Breath, Warning bells...I'm getting nervous. I pulled Rob aside and told him what I saw and suggested that we ask the Super to let us into the apartment. After pointing out the collection of mail, the Super agreed to let us in. So up we go again.

The events that followed will stick in my mind forever and I think of them most everyday!

Door opens, Dad walks in, Rob walks in.

Rob: "Yup this is Mom's place. Look at this mess!"
Bert: "Yup you're right Rob...Sure glad I don't have to live with her anymore!"

I walk in, to the hallway, look down and scream!

Linda: "OMG somebody call an ambulance, she's dead!"
Dad: "No, No, Linda take it easy! It's just one of those mannequins, Dot collected all kinds of crap"....bending down to grab hand and show me.
Suddenly he realizes that I am right and he collapses.

Rob picks his Dad up and carries him to the hallway, the Super asks the lady across the hall to call the ambulance and police. I'm left standing there, just looking at her. Her hair is white (should have been red!) she is in her underwear and a t-shirt and the t-shirt is around her armpits, she has no teeth and a very odd look on her face. Not of pain but of confusion, like "what is happening". I start to cry.

Rob realizes that I haven't left the apartment and comes to get me. He sees me crying and trying to ease the moment proceeds to make "The Introduction"

Rob: "Linda, meet my Mother, Mom meet Linda."

We looked at each other and through the tears we laughed, just a little. Later that evening as we sat quietly at our kitchen table, Rob explained that he didn't know what to do at that moment. He couldn't bear to see me to cry over a women that he had so little feeling for. He explained that his Dad was his rock through his life and his Mom had always been a tiresome nagging screaming woman that did nothing but cause problems for him and his Dad. He thought he loved her but...well, sometimes it's very hard to love someone that hurt you so deeply. He said he just needed to see me smile and know that I would help him through that horrible moment!

We got through that day. We took Dad home and made calls to family. I arranged the funeral services and the final estate stuff which is a story for another blog, maybe tomorrow... And to this day anytime anyone starts to say "Linda meet ... all I can think of is the day I met my Mother in Law for the very first and only time.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Cars, Pool and quizs

Okay, well we start with the good news...

I got a new car, it was made in this century, all windows, doors, lights and air conditioning work! It is shiny and so fricking beeeeutiful! YAY!!!!

Yes this makes me Very HAPPY!

Bad news, which we don't really want to talk about but will mention in passing in case the situation ever presents itself in your life...don't let boys determine your fate in pool tournaments! So Las Vegas tournament #3 this morning and since I'm home fricking blogging, I guess we didn't fare so well! More like FARE THEE WELL! CYA! Arrivaderci or however that is spelled! We shit the bed 3 games straight! 3 weekends in June vying for a damn spot to Vegas and not once were we able to finish it! The only good thing about this one is we got our asses kicked bad early and didn't go to the finals just to shit the bed and go home with FUCK ALL except the stupid ass t-shirts that don't fit my fat ass anyway!

Hmmmm... that almost sounds BITTER! YUP! This makes me very SAD!

Quizs, well they are just fun. Especially ones like the one on Mark's blog that request you answer questions about the for today that's me!!! Tell me, tell me true! Do you like me? Cause I like you!
So here they are tell me what you think!

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

An offer I might not be able to refuse!

I know that I have spent much time sharing my thoughts on my old van and its MANY shortcomings! Well, lets just say that this week has shown me that there is no time to lose, this problem must be solved. I actually had to rent a vehicle to get to two customer meetings...trying to get to Markham and Orillia in the Dustbuster this week would have meant sure death by drowning in my own perspiration if that were possible and not having signal lights on the highway..hmmmm not so good. The rental (a little Honda Civic) cost me $80 for two days and frankly was worth every fricking penny!!!

Okay so this week, electrical problems in the van have created a further challenge. It appears as though those turn signals aren't working...another fabulous development in the Dustbuster saga. No problem, we'll get it in this Friday and get the mechanic to check it out, maybe he can check out the fan and heater thing at the same time. Not that we need heat (hottest week this year!) but maybe since the windows don't open and the air is HOT, STICKY and repugnently stale a little movement on the vent side would be nice..just a thought.

Anyway, A very good friend of mine has offered to sell me her 2002 Chrysler Sebring. She has offered it at a very good price with a 0% interest rate to be repaid however we agree upon. This wonderful friend of mine has recently come into some money and really would like to see me driving something that has moved into the new century. She has purchased a Mitsubishi Montero that she takes possesion of on Saturday. Sounds wonderful doesn't it! It does but here is the problem. I know the history of her Sebring...she purchased this vehicle as a used vehicle in 2003. She has always taken very good care of it. It is in immaculate condition, however, it was a rental car in a past life, it had an accident in that past life that led it to be fixed and sold. Recently (two weeks ago), my friend put $2000 into front end and brake work. The vehicle has 95,000 KM on it. To me that seems like a lot of mileage for a 3 year old car. But the car is nice! It has AIR CONDITIONING that works! Windows that open! Doors that open from the inside and out! I would get my freedom back! All this is seeming just too much to turn down!

I do not know what to do....gonna have to call the Automobile Decision Man...

Monday, June 13, 2005

A Series of unfortunate events......

Well Folks, a third year in Vegas is not to be for our Ladies team. It was a very interesting weekend. We started off the weekend on Saturday morning at the "Bar/Pool Hall" Shot Gun the Timmies coffee, cause you can't bring it in with you. Play 20 questions with the ex-boyfriend (broke up last Monday) of one fo the girls to ensure that he can be there without creating unneeded stress to our player. Believe me when I say I'm looking out for everyone's best interest being nosy here! V&M's relationship has been anything but calm for these last few months and despite the fact that I think V creates her own drama at times, (don't we all) It is one of my jobs to ensure the happiness of my players on game day! For the good of the team of course!
Everyone arrives and starts to practice. The Ladies are looking great and shooting better! And then it happens, a series of unfortunate events I tell you! A misplaced safety, an early 8 ball, whatever, we lost and are faced with having to do the Regionals the hard passing go, no collecting $200. We have to do this the hard way, return on Sunday morning, same time same place!

Sunday morning started with an argument with my friend and ride about being on time for once in her dam life! I really hate it when people tell you that they will be there to pick you up at 9:15 and don't show until 9:40! It's like they have no respect for your time! Hell, I could have eaten breakfast! She did, that's part of the reason she was late! I took the ride so DH and the girls could have the van to go to baseball in the afternoon. I need another vehicle at my house! This sharing a vehicle thing is driving me crazy! I hate depending on others to get me around and OH! never mind I'm just ranting and what's the point!

Anyway, thankfully Sunday morning's results did not mimic Saturday and on we went to win 3 straight against the "Strong Team from neighbouring community" Take that L.O.! Strong Team my ASS!

On Sunday afternoon at 2pm the final match for the Ladies division began and despite the fact that the Ladies on my team performed MAGNIFICENTLY, a series of unfortunate events will keep us here. A 3 nothing loss against the same team that beat us out on Saturday morning. Two days in a row dammit!

Oh well, one more chance this weekend coming! Last chance at romance! This time we depend on the boys again!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls
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Yay, I have just posted my first picture! I decided to post the most recent picture of the DD's and I (old one in the back, just in case you weren't sure).

When Hubby (Brave soul that he is!) married into our family (6 wonderful years ago)he was given the responsibility of sharing in the raising of the youngest DD. She quickly took on her new Daddy's love of very alternative (head banging punk stuff) music, bad movies and junk food! Brianne is the light of all our lives! She's funny and has a laugh that whenever you hear it you just can't help thinking..."Wow, that kid sounds happy!" She deeply loves her older sisters and continously chases them down for "Sister, Sister" nights of girly movies, gossip and junk food. When she was in Kindergarden she lost everything! (She still isn't so good at hanging on to her stuff) One winter she lost 6 pairs of mitts and 3 hats. After the loss of the last hat, we as loving caring parents threatened her that if she lost another hat we were permantly attaching it to her head with crazy glue. This unfortunately led to her first whopper story! Miss Brianne went to school and returned with no hat...this is the conversation that ensued when she returned home that afternoon

ME: Bri, where is your hat?
Bri: Mommy, it's not my fault! Please don't crazy glue a hat to my hair! It's the seagulls fault! Really it is!
Me: Huh, what do you mean the seagulls fault?
Bri: (tears welling in eyes) The seagull Mom! Really it took my hat!
Me: Brianne, really you lost your hat again! Seriously what happened? TELL ME THE TRUTH!
Bri: MOMMY I AM TELLING THE TRUTH! (tears flowing!) We were outside at recess and the seagull swoopded down and tooked it right off my head!

The hat has never been found, Brianne has never gotten the hang of telling the whooper stories and DH has enjoyed his experience in fatherhood.

The older girls and I grew up at the same time. I was very young when I met and married their father and found myself divorced when the girls were still very young. Their bio-father has been out of the picture for many years and so we only had each other!
Jenny (DD#1)is my firstborn and she is a wonderful young lady! She's just finished her Honours Degree in Science and will continue on to get her Degree in Education to become a high school Math and Science teacher. Jen is loving and caring and very much a girly girl! She is a wonderful big sister, daughter and friend.

Aimee (DD#2)is my middle daughter. She recently finished up her third year in an honour Degree program in Science (Biology/Psychology and minoring in Chemistry)and has managed to maintain her place on the Dean's Honour roll with grades of above 80 in all subjects! She is extremely bright and has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up! She is very funny and her perspective on our life can be found at Aimee's blog.

I am truly proud of my three Darling Daughter's. Despite the challenges of being raised by a sometimes bumbling dumbass such as myself they have managed to become really good people!

Anyway, thanks to the syncronization of the female body,(everybody is cranky at the same time)my dearest hubby only needs to hide in a corner, pretend to play dead or smile and wave for one crazy week! Feminine products add up to at least one weeks pay in our household. So big Cheers! for Kim's review of products!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bingo, Birthdays, Billiards and Boat Cruises

I know you are wondering what could these four things possibly have in common?

Basically this has been what has kept me from remaining in touch with the blogging world.
On Friday evening my buddy and I decided to do a Bingo. It was a late/early 1 am bingo. At these late night programs they give all the money ($5,500) of a regular program away in 4 games. Very much fun! Not a huge success, but we managed to break even and go home with what we started with. Bingo is the answer to my gambling addiction.

On Saturday morning we started the day early despite my 3:30 am bedtime. DD#2 and I made coffee, cleaned the kitchen and generally concocted a way to get DD#3 and her sleepover pal to help clean up the lawn furniture. It didn't take much at all to get everyone involved. Thanks to DD#2 and DD#3 the lawn furniture and backyard was in tip top shape and thanks to DD#1, DD#2 and myself the rest of the house looked pretty damn good as well! All set for the main event......

I agreed to lend my backyard as the venue for "The Birthday". It was a birthday that could not be ignored as it was the 30 year milestone ....see DD#2's blog for a complete rundown of the birthday events. I think a good time was had by all and the Birthday Gal seemed to have a good time. That was the important part. Next to bed (around 1 am)for a hopefully rejuvenating sleep for the next busy day.

Billiards....OMG 9 ball sucks and so do we! Not really...okay actually we aren't to bad. Sunday morning 9 am arrive at bar and start warming up on the newly clothed pool tables. So this is the team that needs to win! On this team there are 3 women from the Ladies team (which has been to Vegas twice for Championship Tournaments) along with our husbands (who also play on teams of their own and have never been to Vegas) So you can read all the events of this day on Snoopy's site over there->
We played, we won, we played, we won.....We got to finals and we shit the BED! No Vegas celebrations this weekend! Luckily, the Ladies team plays this Sunday for Vegas (regular season still in play so final placement in session still to be determined) and then the other team with the boys/Ladies gets its chance to play again on the 16, 17 and 18th for another chance for the gang to go to Vegas. So the Ladies have 2 more shots at it and if the boys can pull their weight on the table we'll drag their asses to Vegas for a week of sun and fun! DH is so excited! He is so excited about being so close to California and all his friends that I'm sure he will pull his head out of his ass, gel up the greys and shoot like mad! 8 ball is more his game anyway!

Boat Cruises-apparently while I was enjoying the customer appreciation meeting of one of our suppliers the a/c was not working at the office. Considering I'm not a little person, it's a good darn thing I was sailing around Toronto Harbour listening to the upcoming changes of the pipeline company that was footing the bill. Despite a very slight feeling of motion sickness I had a nice time socializing with others in my industry that I hadn't seen since the last big get together. Good drinks, good food and good company and everything for free...what more cana gal ask for? and they even gave us presents to go home with! How fricking fun is that! Dam I don't wanna go in tomorrow! Think I need to wear most minimal clothing that a fat gal can and bring a fan!!!!

So that has been my busy weekend and beginning week...much more busy stuff this week!
and have I told you its 90 degrees in the shade!