Friday, June 08, 2012

Holy Crap MP it's been 3 years since I blogged

Wow!, a very well loved internet friend MP told me she was blogging again and she gave me her link.  I have now gone back and read some posts of hers from the last 16-18 months and realize that what once brought us close (our blogs) had been replaced by the Facebook phenomenom and man you can be really superficial on FB if you want to be.  In fact you can have a whole real life going on behind the scenes and those that you once shared your deepest thoughts with through the written word can be made to think all is good in the world through the FB postings of some witty remarks and a few well posed pictures.   Anyway, not to worry, this strong lady is well on her way to being ABSOLUTELY Fabulous again!! 

I think I might give this venue a whirl again!  Alot has happened in the last 3 years!!  We soooo need to catch up!!

This weekend perhaps.....