Friday, October 10, 2008

Things to be Thankful for

It's that time of year again when we Canadian's break out the turkey and stuffing, the potatoes get mashed up for the sea of gravy that we will add and the cranberries get tossed in for color and sweet treats. It's also the time to reflect back on the past year and be thankful for all of the little moments that make up your very busy life.

This year I have tons to be thankful for, so let's get started!

1) My Family- always my family! My family will always be first on this list, there could be no other place for them.

This year my family has experienced some wonderful moments. We've gone through a renovation together with wonderful results, we've cheered for our oldest as she makes her move into a wonderful new home and life together with Matt, we've celebrated Aimee's successes in her learning career as she moves forward towards her PhD and we've cheered Brianne to the finish line as her career at High School ends and she walks to receive her diploma. We have celebrated that Hubby, after 4 long years, has finally been hired on full time at his work and will be rewarded with fun things like higher pay, great benefits and even a pension plan! Mom and Dad continue to make their annual flight to warmer climates and although we will miss them we are thankful when we see how happy it makes them.

This year my family has experienced some challenges and not so wonderful moments as well but we are thankful for those as well as they make us stronger and our bonds tighter. We watched one of our family members Kilo struggle with age and deteriorating may scoff at the fact that Kilo was a dog and why the big fuss...Kilo was a member of our family for almost 13 years and we truly miss her.

My Friends...what can I say? Next to my family, my friends are of such importance!!

It's been a busy year. This year I helped a very good friend plan a wedding that went off without a hitch. Dawn was a beautiful bride and her man Mark is pretty cute too! This year, I cried with Colleen as she struggled with the loss of her father. This year, I pray for her to find strength as she faces the everyday challenges that sometimes make her sad. Heather had a baby last year and must now return to work and leave Wil in the care of others. It's a tough time but Heather and Adam will find the strength. Mark and Kate are having baby #2 soon...VERY soon and we rejoice with them as they celebrate their baby miracle! The Ladies Pool Team is going strong. We're still having a good time and maybe, just maybe this will be the year! We can always hope!!

Various and sundry things to be thankful for this year......

  • the neighbors from hell bought a trailer in a far away land that takes them away from home every weekend! things have been very quiet for the most part in the hood! Very thankful for that
  • we got a new puppy and although he's not totally trained (ahhh!) he's very cute
  • finding GREAT Renovators! my spa bathroom rocks! My bathroom makes me want to get up in the morning. Shout out to RynoBoy!!
  • Arctic Spas- OMG We love our hot tub! Happy 10th Anniversary Husband!
  • both hubby and I still working and reaping the rewards of our dedication. This is a very good feeling.
On a very personal note, I experienced some very scary moments this year that still make me cry just writing about it! Having a potential brush with something as serious as breast cancer and the possible loss has made me even more appreciative of what I have. Thankfully for me, the results of all my tests were GREAT! No cancer! Those are such relieving words! I am truly thankful for the breast that is taking a little longer to heal...take what time you need booby...thankfully I have all the time in the world!!

So my blog reading buddies...

Here's to another great year! May all of your hopes and dreams be fulfilled and may you be thankful for them all!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!