Monday, April 23, 2007

Building Condos in my Air Filter!

So here's the update....

This morning I went and had a look around the interior of the van after dropping Aimee off at the Go-Train station.

I didn't find anything alive, but I did find some very strange shredded paper all over the floor of the passenger front mat. That led me to do some investigative work....yup, open one of the many glove compartments and there it was the unshred part of the paper!

My guess would be that this is a clear indication that we have a mouse (or family of mice) in the van.

I made a call to my favorite Service Manager Art and he tells me that although it's not an uncommon occurrence......he's got nothing for me! His only advise was that the most common spot for rodent infestation is the air filter! So just go ahead and take that out and you'll likely find what you're looking for!

Silly Man, He really thinks I'm looking for 4 legged hairless creatures! Not me, and I don't care that pink is my favorite colour!! We'll be waiting till it stops with the torrential rains here and Hubby can check it out!

On a hopeful note,earlier today, I had to go downtown to a meeting on Yonge Street! If you know anything about Downtown Toronto, you will know that that there is some PRIME Real Estate.

Maybe the little critters will have jumped ship for more upscale property! One can only hope!!!
Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mouse in the.......


Hubby borrowed my van to take his wall of beer cases back to the beer store today and when he got back he excitedly came and got Aimee our resident rodent expert to see something that was in the van.

I was sitting out in the freshly manicured backyard enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon and all I could hear was squeels of laughter coming from the driveway in the front of the house.

"OMG! It's alive Rob!" yelled Aimee

"I know, that's why I came and got you....don't tell your Mom she's gonna freak!

All I could think of was that there was some kind of awful critter in my van!

"Whatever it is,get it the F*CK outta my van right now! Quit dicking around! I can hear you giggling! Stop right now and get it out!"

I was right! Rob picked it up....and then he disturbed my quiet little interlude in the backyard by bringing this pink, hairless little thing to show me. It looked something like this

In fact it looked alot like one of these!

I'm freaking that there may be more! How did it get there?

Rob and Aimee couldn't stop giggling. Aimee did the humane thing and put it out of it's misery. It wasn't going to live without it's mom and I sure as shit wasn't going looking for her!

Thanks Aimee!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Princess Cutie Pie!

Oh to be One Year Old again!

Okay, maybe not me, but maybe one of my brood! Honestly I think one is the best birthday!

Tomorrow is my favorite Baby Girl Princess' (outside of my own girls) first birthday. We were invited by her Mom and Dad to attend her little party and it reminded me of the joys of that age!

Princess Iris' Mom and Dad fed us with a fabulously delicious feast fit for a Princess' loyal subjects! ...Kate I really do want that Chicken casserole recipe!!

After eating we moved on to the fun stuff!

Parties mean gifts and gifts are almost as satisfying as shopping when you are a 1 year old little Princess!

Then playing with the new gifts was the next item on the agenda!

Eating this beautiful cake was a thrill for all!

Happy 1st Birthday Little One!!! We love you lots!!!
Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is my eldest daughter's birthday. She is 25 years old today! I cry just thinking about that!

Tonight, we will celebrate her first 25 years, by enjoying a family dinner of her choice and lavishing her with gifts! We will wish her much love and happiness in her upcoming journey!

Happy 25th Birthday Jenny!!!
Thursday, April 12, 2007

WTF People?

I'm doing this post with great remorse!

I cannot believe that I'm admitting that I have actually gotten pulled into the American Idol craze...I always watch the crazies during the auditions. I do like to laugh! This time during the auditions I found some definite favorites. People that I felt inclined to watch and support, if only within the confines of my own home, since we Canadians can't vote for who we think would be an American Idol!

So people that I liked:

Stephanie Edwards- She got voted off in March and that guy with no talent remained!
Chris Sligh-He got voted off in March as well...and again that guy with no talent remained!

Then April 4th, I almost vowed to not watch the fricking show all time favorite Gina Glocksen (and yes I like her more than anyone that is left on the show!) got voted off!

What is the matter with people? That no talent fricking guy and the chick with no talent are both still on the show!

Well last night the bottom two surprised me again! Haley Scarnato and Phil Stacey? Okay the chick with no talent...I get it! But Phil over that guy with no talent again!

I just don't get it. So here's the damn thing....I can't stop watching now because I NEED to see who wins!

I do promise this however!....if that fricking guy with no talent, Sanjaya Malakar makes it to be America's next idol, well let's just say....I won't even watch the next season to see the crazies. I will never watch it again, not even for a laugh!

Go Jordan Go! At 17, you are my next choice for American Idol. Melinda and Lakisha (I love them both!!) will get recording deals whatever happens so I'm rooting for the young talent!
Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Calling into sympathies

I'm generally not a very sympathetic person. Probably because I don't have a lot of use for stupid people.

Yesterday on my way home after a meeting in downtown Toronto, I commented to my co-worker that there was a homeless dude keeping house at the corners of Bay and Adelaide. On a warm and cozy vent (prime real estate presumably for a homeless person) this guy had his clothes strewn around just like my 16 year old does in her room. I was a little surprised to see that various people had placed various donuts and cookies there for his enjoyment. I'm not against this. In fact I've been known to throw a couple of bucks here and there to the less fortunate.

Anyway, we got in the van, travelled south on Yonge St to the exit of the Gardiner Expressway. It was a nice afternoon, we'd been holed up in a small hot little boardroom for the better part of the afternoon and I had my window down.

A young guy of around 22-25 came up to my window with a squeegee in one hand and a bottle of water in another and the conversation started a little like this:

Squeegee guy will be known as SG

SG: Sunny Times ahead ma'am?
Me: "No thanks" I say referring to the squeegee thing...I don't want my windows done.
SG: Sunny Times ahead ma'am?
Me: "I said no thanks"
SG: Okay, so you got an extra butt or some extra cash? I got nothing here?
Me: looking at him...specifically his feet..."$100 Nike running shoes, looking pretty new there buddy, so the answer is still no...I mean really get a job. Clearly you've got decent clothes and shoes...GET A JOB!"
SG: So do you watch Trailer Park Boys? Sunny Times ahead?
Me: "You've got cable in your homeless situation?...DUDE, the answer is still no...GET A JOB"!

Finally traffic started to move and after we'd moved up the ramp aways my co-worker makes the following comment to me:

So, do you usually talk to the homeless people like that? No, not usually, I reply but $100 Nike running shoes....c'mon! NOTHING FOR YOU PAL!

She looked at me and smiled.....I think I'll take the GO train from now on!

Alright so maybe this was a little brash on my part but honestly, he didn't look like what I would call a typical homeless person. He was clean, clean shaved and he had on $100 Nike shoes! My kids only wear $100 shoes because someone has given them to them.

I've never been homeless before and I totally understand in my head how this could happen, lack of work, bad situations, mental illness.....all the things you see on TV.

I do however, choose my homeless people carefully. My homeless people will always be the ones that look the part, wild look in their eyes, dirty and unkempt people that really look like they've happened on hard times.

The guy sitting in front of the Theatre...with a bottle of beer between his legs and a cigarette in one hand, holding out a dirty old cup asking passers by for cash in the other doesn't get much sympathy from me. Neither does the guy on the ramp to the Gardiner!