Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm booked but not for the destination vacation that I would love to be taking. I'm booked for surgery on September 11th to have the blocked ducts and the benign tumors removed. That's right! The results of the biopsy are in and they are benign. This is a great relief.

The surgery they have planned for me is a one day procedure and according to the surgeon I should recover completely in a week to 10 days no problem! The only reason that we are taking all the bad ducts and the tumors out is for future protection. No sense leaving bad stuff in the body that might cause problems.

Just thought I'd share that cause some folks have asked and I think some folks have been afraid to ask....

Fear not my friends...it seems like all is well!!!

More updates when I've got more time....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Done, Done and Done and then again...just begun!

I know....it's been a long time! Not as long as Aimee but a long time just the same. What can I say? We've been very busy.

The renovations are done! I now have a brand new furnace, Central air conditioner, new bathroom, new toilet in the powder room, new ceiling in my den complete with dimmable pot lights and crown molding. I have crown molding in my dining room, new fixtures on the main floor and in the hallway upstairs, a new electrical panel to keep us safe. We also have a new deck and hot tub.

The cleaning and re-organizing is done! Jen moved out a couple of weeks ago and I now have a spare bedroom that is nicely organized! We've cleaned all our windows and screens, and culled out the closets in every room.

The party planning and organizing is done! We held a stag and doe at our house for our very good friends Mark and Dawn on the Friday night and since they were in town we decided to hold Dawn's Bridal shower as well on the Saturday afternoon. Both were a great success

Some of the folks playing blackjack at the Stag and Doe.
This was a fun little money raiser. We had two boxes that you would put spare change into. One said Bride and one said Groom. You would put your money into the box of the side you wanted to have throw the pie. In this case Mark's box won by over $60. Dawn was a great sport about it she took the pie in the face like a real trooper!! I kicked the last person out at 3:30am. We still had to clean and get ready for the shower the next day.

Group shot of the Bridal Shower the next afternoon. Dawn got a lot of really nice gifts. People must really like her.....LOL!

On Sunday afternoon Aimee threw a housewarming party at Jen's house for her. Aimee had already worked like crazy helping me so the least I could do was provide a little assistance there!
Jen's housewarming was quite successful as well. I left early and went home for a nap!

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that through all of this we also had a new family member to welcome into our home....
This is Bandit. He's 10 weeks old now and he's cute as a button! He's crate trained but not totally trained for outside. Hunny and Bandit are finally getting along, it took a while but Hunny is finally getting back to her old self again.

So that's it that's all folks....