Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh Baby Baby! Them some hot boys!

Can you tell by the title that my attempt at creating misery and hardship, teaching responsibility and work ethic have failed miserably? Okay, maybe not miserably, we may still meet the goal of teaching responsibility and work ethic...but the misery and hardship thing....not so much!

15 Year old girls find a way of stifling their mother's hopes and dreams of success! I don't really know how. I don't consciously remember attempting this when I was 15 but I'm almost positive that I succeeded as well.

I'm actually pretty proud of my youngest girl....

Brianne did her first day at KSM Day Camp volunteering yesterday. She got up early, ate brekkie, made her lunch, packed up some water and headed out for the bus. She was pretty confident for a kid that was heading out to a new situation. This type of bravado is something I didn't pass down! This must be a learned behavior obtained from her sisters or her dad. She called me when she got there (yes she got her cell phone back for daycamp use if needed). We chatted briefly and I didn't hear from her until 4pm and this is how that conversation went.

Day Camp Hellion(DCH): Hi Mom, I'm on the bus heading home.
Mom: So, how did the first day go?
DCH: It was so much fun! Mom, there are sooooo many HOT GUYS volunteering there!
Mom: That's nice...okay then we'll talk about this when I get home. Glad you had a good day!

When I got home that evening, I listened to the ramblings of a happy enthusiastic day camp leader that is my daughter! Brianne and I had our first civil conversation in days as she told me how she got her camp name Pinkie(pink is her fav colour) and how a little 5 year old sticks her little pinkie up and says "Hi Pinkie" every time they pass. For her first day at camp she assisted with the 9-10 year olds and they made papier mache masks and she came out with a great feeling of accomplishment!

First day of volunteer camp
Return trip on bus $5.00
Required one piece bathing suit $30.00
Watching my little girl become a responsible happy young lady PRICELESS!

I can't wait to see how the rest of the week goes!
Friday, July 21, 2006

Anybody want a 15 year old?

So in an attempt to get my wandering child off the streets we've enforced the day camp volunteering and in return she's become sullen and openly rebellious.

Last nights example of rebellion is such a prime example it's laughable (between me and the older girls)

The evening started off with Brianne asking if Lexxie the newest friend could spend the night at our house. Now I've met Lexxie's Mom and she seems nice enough and Lexxie seems nice enough. The girls are out and about and have strict orders to be home for 9:30pm. I want them back in the neighborhood....I'm not asking them to go to bed or anything, I just want them around the house, they can stay outside in the backyard, whatever. Clearly that wasn't good enough.

At 8 pm I got that call, can I spend the night at Jessica's (another friend of her's and Lexxie's). This is not the first time that the girls change their plans, usually Jess's mom comes and gets the girls and they hang out over there. So, me under the assumption that this is what's happening agree. I got home at around 9:30 from pool and the phone rings, it's Shannon, Lexxie's mom....

Hey Lin, How you doing?

Not bad, question is how are you?....(she's been suffering from Vertigo)

Oh, I'm okay...I really appreciate you keeping Lexxie another night!

Pardon me?? Lexxie here?

Yeah, she called me and told me it was okay with you.

Houston, we have a problem! I told Shannon that the girls had called and asked if they could spend the night at Jessica's....well, apparently Shannon had spoken with Laura and the girls hadn't even seen Jess all day!

I immediately hung up with Shannon and called the Hellion...

Hellion: Hello

MAM: (mad ass mother): Where are you?

H: Jess's

MAM: REALLY! That's interesting, Shannon just called and thanked me for keeping Lex another night....and when I told her that plans had changed and you were going to Jess's she told me that Jess hadn't seen or heard from you all day!

H: We're here Mom!

MAM: Call me from Jess's house phone now!

Waiting patiently for the phone to ring....1 min, 2 mins, 7 minutes...the phone finally rings

H: Hello

MAM: Let me talk to Jess's Mom

long silent pause

FJM (fake Jess's Mom) Hello

MAM: Hi who is this?

FJM: this is Jess's mom

MAM: REALLY, does Jess's Mom have a name??

very long pause

FJM: uhmmm...Laura, it's okay if the girls spend the night here...

MAM: yeah, I'm not really comfortable with this, let me speak with Bri please!

H: hello, so okay we'll be here and I'll be home early in the morning, okay?


H: Mom, I'm at Jess's

MAM: I'm coming to pick you up, right now! Give me the address!

H: Mooom!


whispering, but still heard by MAM...she wants Jess's address..what do i tell her now?


H: okay I'm at Chris's down by the Mac's milk store on Lakeshore.


Lexxie went home to Shannon, Brianne suffered the long drive listening to me on the danger that she had put herself and Lexxie in, how disappointed I am in her and how she was permanently grounded until further notice.

Anybody want a 15 year old...Grandma?

I'm laughing about it now because my moronic child is safe at home and she didn't get away with it....but she has broken the circle of trust and now our lives will begin a new chapter of miserableness in the happy home!

Grandma...really want to try it again?
Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kids really want to be kids!

I thought I was gonna get some really good stories to tell out of my little coo with the baby of the family......nope, not a hope.

The conversation kind of went like this....

Mom: So, you need to come home tonight.
Bri: WHY????
Mom: You need to come home so that you can get your laundry done, clean your room, walk over to the police station and get your police check done before you start volunteering at day camp starting Monday...
Bri: What do you mean??? police check?

Yeah, I had to explain to her that all volunteers needed to prove that they were not violent,drug offense sexual predators that would harm the children that they come into contact with. She was good with that, in fact her response was quite surprising.

Bri: Cool, okay well i'll get all that done and I start on Monday?

I couldn't believe it. I told her she had to commit to 3 weeks and she chose to commit for the balance of the summer.

Deep down she really is a good kid and I'm pretty proud of her, now if only I could get her to come home on time! Her Dad thinks it has something to do with her inability to count and pass a grade 10 math class...

I say that it's my Mother's hope that I had kids that were just like me!

So I'll keep you posted but my hope is that the good stories will come once she starts and I have to pull her by the ears to get her out of bed in the morning after missing her curfew the night before and I maintain my BEOTCH Mom attitude and tell her I care not if she's tired and she will get her tired cranky ass to day camp and be nice to screaming small children.....TeeHee

Ah the joys of parenting!
Tuesday, July 18, 2006

and EVERYONE must contribute!

Last week I gave my youngest lovely daughter an ultimatum....Find somewhere to volunteer your services for the summer this week or I will!

She didn't, so I did.

Starting tomorrow my baby will be volunteering at the Kerr St Ministries Day Camp. This is a wonderful organization that provides free day camp to children in our community that otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend due to cost. When Brianne was young and our situation was different (single mom, 3 kids, low paying job)she attended this camp.

Since she was too busy wasting her summer doing nothing but hanging out around the Kerr St. area....now she can do something productive for a change. Hopefully this will teach her some responsibility and give her the volunteer hours that she requires for her GED requirement.

I can't wait to tell her....this will only reinforce what a BEOTCH Mom I am.

I'm pumped!!

Happy Summer folks!
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

With the beginning of Summer

Okay, well I guess I've not been a great blogger since the beginning of the summer.

It's been a really eventful couple of months for our family!

The girls are home for good and that has led to many adjustments. It certainly makes me want to spend time playing instead of cooking, cleaning, focusing on anything that might be important after the hours of 5pm. Sitting in the backyard enjoying the company of my 3 girls seems to be a priority for me this summer. I trust that it will wear off once they've been home for a while but who knows?

Husband has had some very emotional things happening in his life recently that ultimately affect me and the girls but we are happy to help him through this and we shall do this with much love!!! A continuation of these events will probably usurp the balance of the month of July as we sort, get rid of and sell his Dad's belongings.

Once that is taken care of we will focus on the balance of all the things we promised we would do this summer....move the fence and gate, add a front porch, complete the basement (baseboards, desks, entertainment shelves),paint the rest of the house and ceramic tile the kitchen and upstairs bathroom floors. Thank goodness for friends that work at Home Improvement Centers!!!

So once again we are seeking anyone that wants to lend a hand and hear the long, drawn out extended version of why we need to get this shit done prior to Christmas falling upon us!

Hope all is well in your little corner of the world and that you remember to hug your loved ones and tell them just how much you love them every day!!