Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yes, I am alive and relatively well

Man oh Man things have been very busy around our household! The girls came home from University and this makes Mommy very HAPPY! Having the girls around is truly enjoyable on most days but having 5 people in the house again is sometimes a strain. We are all still adjusting to each other's routines! Brianne is probably the most disrupted because she suddenly has 3 moms in the house and she's told me so often that I'm far more Mom than any 15 year old needs! Early in May we had a guest visiting from the US. This was alot of fun, visiting all the tourist attractions in Southern Ontario in one week is alot of fricking work! We did CN Tower, Niagara Falls and MALLS...yes I did...I went up the damn tower and I shopped the damn malls. My favorite was going to Niagara Falls and going on the Maid of the Mist! Absolutely magnificent! I would encourage anyone that is planning a trip to that area to spend the $14 CDN/person and do it! I sent visitor off to Casa Loma with another friend (cause I could barely walk and needed to rest) That week Aimee and Jen started new jobs and were unable to join us for most of the sightseeing. Aimee took our visitor out drinking in T.O. one night to meet more blogger people. They had much fun!
Back at work for me after that and after a week away it's taken me this long to get caught up again (okay maybe exaggerated a little but almost!!) Throw in the need to find a new vehicle so Hubby doesn't die in the hotbox we have until now called a van. We succeeded with a lot of help from my Dad! I will be the proud owner of a new to me 2002 Kia Sedonna! We are very proud of the fact that both of our vehicles were created in a year that has a 20 in the front of it! The new vehicle is passed on to me from my Dad! He's bought a brand new Kia Sedonna for him and for me, an extended warranty that will make it so I still have warranty after it's paid for! HOW FUN IS THAT! Now don't get me wrong...I'm buying it from him, but at a better price for much better value than I could ever expect to get out in the market!

THANKS DAD!!!! We love you and appreciate your assistance!!!

The new van will be taken on its first roadtrip on Friday. We'll be going to Oshawa to watch Jennifer graduate with Honours in her Bachelor of Education program. A very proud day for Mom and Jen!!

Besides all this, Hubby has been drishing and started ball, the neighbor's from hell have bought a trailer and for the most part the weekends have been thankfully quiet except for their kids that they insist on leaving behind, we have helped our friends move, we have completed another session of 8 and 9 ball with relatively no success.

So, yes, I am alive and relatively well!
Tuesday, May 02, 2006

With all good things must come a little sadness...

Jen's boyfriend Matt, lost his Grandma on Sunday night. She passed away quietly after a lengthy battle with cancer. Matt, we love you and you will get through this. There are no words to make the sadness go away, it will just get less and less and someday you will be able to look back and remember all the wonderful times you shared with her and your family. Your Grandmother will watch over you with pride in all your future endeavors..and she will say to all the other Angels.."That is my Grandson! Isn't he wonderful!" She will be with you in your first real world job, she will reach down and touch your cheek lightly on your wedding day and she will squeeze your children as they are born and protect them because she is always with you!

For me, this brings memories of my Grandmothers. They were both very special people in my life. Although she lived far away and I didn't see her throughout the year very much, I spent many summers as a child with my maternal Grandmother. She was a very vibrant and special lady. She was excitement and from her I believe I learned that a "girl" could do or be anything in the world they wanted to be. She raised her children by herself after the death of her husband, Grandmaman was a very successful business lady and she hunted and fished and gardened...OMG, I miss her so much! Just thinking of her brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! I look back on those summers with her at the cottage with SO MUCH JOY!
My paternal Grandmother brings the same kind of memory but for different reasons. Grandma lived in the same town as us. We spent time with her every week (even if it was just a quick visit) and she shared all our special occasions. There was always a warm cuddly hug in her arms! She made the BEST buttertarts on earth and damn could she carve a turkey! On special occasions, she would carve and I would hang around to steal the crispy turkey skin and a little attention. She WAS the perfect example of the traditional "Grandma" As I grew up and had children, she was by far the best Great-Grandmother that a kid could ever have and my kids and I were fortunate enough to live just around the corner from her. When I was unemployed for a time one summer, we would wander over there on our daily walks just to sit and visit for a while and do any little things that needed to be done or even just to talk. The kids also spent some time after school with her and they too have warm memories of their Great-Grandma. Grandma was also a strong lady! She was the love and strength that held the family together.

Both of my Grandmothers were true Matriarchs to their respective family and are always remembered with love and respect.

Paul Anka sang it best when I look at the lives of my Grandmothers....

And now the end is near
And so I face the final curtain,
My friends, I'll say it clear,
I'll state my case of which I'm certain.
I've lived a life that's full, I've traveled each and evr'y highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way.

It's true that we miss the ones that have gone before us but nothing can take away the love and precious memories that we have of our time spent with them. Our lives are truly richer because they were a part of it!

Hugs to everyone!!