Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blah....not so well

That's what we did in the tournament this past weekend.....Not So Well!

Clean Slate....pick up our cues and bust some balls and try again for next year!
Friday, June 12, 2009

Once every 6 months...not bad

We're on a roll! Blogging once every six months that's gotta be a new achievement!

Lots has happened in the last 6 months since I last wrote. Things have been so damned busy in my life!!
In February we traveled with our good friends Dawn and Mark and Mark's brother Tom and his lovely wife Wendy and their two kids. Tom and Wendy and the kids booked their trip on their own and we found out quite by accident that we were all going to the same place on exactly the same dates! I was a little concerned at first that the inclusion of children would not make for a great holiday but honestly, the kids were amazing! They are seasoned travellers and very well behaved! Tom and Wendy are amazing as well!
So, our destination was Costa Rica!
This was the view from the lobby!

Beautiful if you ever get the itch to go hang out with monkeys and amazing scenery! We went to the Arenal Volcano for a day, got some great pictures of a big old red iguana thing and a really slow two toed sloth....

We hung out in the hot springs, totally amazing!

When we weren't of travelling somewhere we hung by the pool. Unfortunately, although where we stayed was amazing, it was on a bay and you couldn't really swim there because of the manta ray's and the other scary things in there!

We went to Nicaragua for a day, also very cool! Beautiful scenery and an amazing volcano that we stood at the very top and peered into!

Another day we rented a car and checked out the beach. We went to Tamarindo which is apparently the surfing capital of Costa Rica. The boys rented surf boards and boogie boards and took some surfing lessons. The ladies swam and enjoyed the water, waves and the people selling their wares on the beach! It was a great day!

Back to work for everyone and boy things have been busy for Rob and I. I've been doing some travelling with work. From Montreal, to Ottawa then out to Calgary all in a short time. Then again just last month to Banff for a client's supplier showcase. That was a great trip. Short but Jean and I absolutely crammed what sight seeing we could into the time we were there when we weren't working!

Over the last couple of months we've been seeing some shows! We went to see "We will Rock You" and "Jersey Boys" Both amazing!

Now here it is June and the weather is finally getting nice and it's a time when there is little on TV except "So you think you can dance" (can I tell you the dancers are amazing this year!!!) so alot more time is spent in our yard enjoying the back deck and the new beautiful gardens and the hot tub of course!!

Also in June comes our annual chance to play pool for Vegas! This year my mixed team didn't do so well and didn't even make it to regional play but my Ladies team (that has been to Vegas 2 times) rocked the year and we are playing for the trip this weekend! My next post will likely be abou how amazing that trip was!!

Anyway, In case I don't update for another 6 months....Keep well, smile alot and remember "Life is not in the moments we breath but in the moments that take our breath away!!"

Stay Safe and Happy this summer!!