Tuesday, July 31, 2007

8 things about me.....cause Aimee tagged me!

My lovely daughter Aimee tagged me because she knows I love to tell my secrets to the world!
The Rules: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The game rules are posted at the beginning of the post. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment to let them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Factoid #1: I hate this type of game! It's kind of like the emails that tell you if you don't pass it on to 2000 friends your best friend will develop some terminal illness and you will have bad luck for 25 years! There is an obligation to do it! Don't you think? I mean really if you don't do it you run the risk that your best friend will die and you won't be able to look in a mirror without it smashing to a million pieces, all your cash will be gone when you go to the bank and your house will burn down! That's just my luck.

Factoid # 2: I can't get started on my day without doing the crossword puzzle in the Toronto Star. It's a habit that I can't break. Even on Sunday morning you will find me sitting in my backyard with my laptop and a coffee puzzling over strange new words!

Factoid # 3: I am judgmental. I always judge others by a standard that I set for myself. This is a very low standard on some peoples scales! I insist that if you are going to walk and talk in my presence you should be able hold a conversation at least with yourself! I hate people that can't string two words/steps together without stumbling! In fact I abhor STUPID PEOPLE!

Factoid # 4: My husband is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without him. He is funny, strong and yet somehow gentle all at the same time! He is the only DUMBASS that I can tolerate for more than 10 minutes without wanting to shoot myself in the temple! He can't help that he has that gene that makes him a stupid boy!

Factoid #5: I love my kids! I love having them around! They make me laugh.

Factoid #6: I love to gamble! One of my favorite places is Las Vegas! When drawn near to the casinos here in Ontario I lock my purse, bank card and credit card in the trunk and enter only with the amount I am comfortable losing . I regulate this urge to gamble by attending Bingo once weekly with my girlfriend. It is a controlled spend and sometimes we get lucky. (this past weekend we did something we haven't done in a long time....did more than 1 session in a row, only because we won, total winnings this weekend amounted to over $2000) Husband has recently taken to calling my bingo bag my tools and my evening at bingo my second job. He laughs and says it's like the second pay cheque!

Factoid # 7: I am a control freak. For this reason, I drive everywhere we go. Husband does not mind as this gives him the excuse to have a beer or 6 when we go out somewhere without the worry of having to drive. For this reason, I do not drink....

Factoid # 8: I worry and it hurts! I worry about everything because I insist on taking control (see factoid # 7) and therefore feel responsible for the world so that I can then complain about all stuff people don't do because they know Linda's in control and will take care of it! This is especially predominant in the workplace! It happens at home as well and Hubby and I have been known to have stupid boy conversations about it, where I say that I wish he would do something while all the while never relinquishing responsibility at all! Famous last words...."Never mind, it's easier if I do it myself then try and explain it!, Go forth and do stupid boy things!"

Damn I hate these things....they are never as clever as you think they could be and frankly, I'm just not interesting enough to read about anyway!
I'm not tagging anyone except maybe MP cause she visits me occasionally, everyone else got tagged by the evil one that tagged me!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I hope you aren't taking this personal.....

We need to have a meeting, Linda is having a core meltdown about "customer X"!

I've been known to take my job very seriously. My clients are LARGE multi-billion $$ companies that command their supply chain, tell their vendors what to do, how to do it and well you get my point.

I believe that my organizational skills, well developed thought process, business acumen and FUCKING FANTASTIC inter-personal skills are what got me to this place in time!

I am great at what I do! I'm not kidding...I really am good. (applying hot sauce to head for shrinkage as you read!)

Okay, so my last statement about inter-personal skills only relates to customers, friends that I like and family. All others...FUCK OFF! You are too stupid to waste time on and if you can't handle the job you were hired for....find someplace else to work!!!

OMG....the opening statement comes from someone in our organization that although I think they have a good understanding of the value I bring to the organization...I think they hate me! The reason they hate me....because I do my job well and make them face the reality of their shortcomings!

Enough said!

Have a GREAT Day! (can you hear the smile in my tone??)
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weird Mary is at it again!

While I was away in Quebec, husband became host to Weird Mary...this was the phone call that ensued:

Hubby: The weirdest thing just happened to me...I was pulling out of the gas station at 8th Line and UpperMiddle and this purple haired old broad jumped in my car!

Me: What?

Hubby: She just jumped in, told me to take her to this place over by Sheridan!

Me: (LOL!!)OMG you got caught by Weird Mary! So did you?

Hubby: Did I what....Who the fuck is Weird Mary?

Me: Can't stop laughing....Weird Mary is the broad that jumped in your car ! So did you take her?

Hubby: WTF, She has a name and YOU know her!!

Me: Yeah man...there is video of this broad on YOUTUBE! She exists and you got to experience it first hand...she usually robs her rides of any change they have in the car...

Hubby: very sheepishly....I was fricking stunned! I dropped the bitch where she wanted to go and she robbed me of at least $10 worth of change!

Me: LOL!!!!

Well this morning I stopped off at the bank machine near my house and I saw her...sure as shit she was standing in the middle of the parking lot waving her arms in the air trying to get me to stop! I'm nobodies fool, I had locked my doors and wasn't even slowing for that freak! As I passed she honestly cursed at me for not picking her up!

What a FOOL, to think that I would pick up strangers with purple hair!!
Thursday, July 19, 2007


Rob has always had a good sense of humour when it comes to the pets in our house. He didn't cringe, not once, when Aimee brought Hunny home. He just nicknamed her FLD for "f*cking little dog" It stuck and to him that's who she will always be.

Rob loves our animals. He is an animal loving kind of guy. He loves his girl Kilo. That's our pitbull.
Kilo has been in the family 12 years now and she's starting to show signs of her age. In the last year or so:
  1. She's gotten more white in her coat....a doggy form of graying I do believe
  2. She' sleeping a whole lot more
  3. She's gotten really lazy and doesn't move too fast for anything anymore unless she's going for a car ride to head out to some creek to play with Rob then she displays signs of her once long ago youth.
This past week she's developed a new sign that she's getting old and we have officially nicknamed her LTD.

Apparently, as our female canine pets get older they suffer from a depletion of the hormone estrogen. Did you know that estrogen assists in the control of your urinary function? Well if you are a dog....this is so.
As Kilo lay sleeping/sunning herself on the porch at brunch this weekend we noted that she seemed to be forming a small puddle near her backside.

This is what I read on the Internet about this problem:

More than 20% of spayed females are affected with urinary incontinence. Both male and female dogs can be affected, with medium to large breeds being more prone for the problem. The number of cases is likely to increase with the growing number of older dogs, advances in geriatric veterinary care and significant amount of time pets spend indoors. Urethral Sphincter Mechanism Incompetence is the most commonly diagnosed cause of urinary incontinence: 81% of incontinent adult females and 57% of all dogs with involuntary urine loss. Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) is the most frequently dispensed medication for this type of incontinence.


Kilo's new name "Leaky Twat Dog"
Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kenmore/ Amana SUCK the big one!

1 month and 5 days to be exact! That's how long my Kenmore fridge lasted after the expensive extended warranty ran out!

Today I paid as much for the repair as I did for the warranty, not to mention the spoiled food!

I will never buy from Sears again! They do not stand behind their products!

So much for the salesman telling me I would get at least 10 years of good service from this purchase!
Friday, July 06, 2007

Bienvenue a la belle province....

Thinking about this trip in the washroom this morning has me reeling....

OMG, tomorrow morning I depart on one of the great adventures of firsts!

First time I've been to Quebec City
First time I've driven to another province as an adult
First time I've been on a road trip with just my girls
First time I've not worried about the vehicle that I'm driving
First time I've been responsible for this type of work related convention (by myself!!)
First time I get to choose when the potty breaks will be
First time I sounded just like my Mom when I said we're packing lunches for the drive, bringing a small cooler so we can make coffee in our room in the morning....(thanks Mom, I learned just great!!)
First time I'm worried about my childhood French skills...will they be good enough for the natives?

Man that's alot of firsts! There are probably more but I'll write about those when I get back next week....in the mean time, don't miss me too much!

Have a great week folks....check back next week and who knows maybe I'll have pictures!!
Thursday, July 05, 2007

That's what you get for asking me!

Last week a co-worker asked if I would attend a meeting with her for a client that I transitioned over to her about a month ago. I agreed to go.

When I first transitioned this client, we drove to the client's office in downtown Toronto and on our way out of the city we were approached by a squeegie kid for a donation and I told him I would give him a loonie if he'd just stay the heck away from my windows. He was agreeable, but my co-worker was appalled. It was like I had just committed the gravest of mistakes by running upstairs with a murdering crazy person on my heels! Anyway, after that she commented on how perhaps we should take the "Go Train" in future.

Fast forward to yesterday....same client, same meeting place. "Go Train" okay...

It was a rainy day and thanks to the wonderful underground malls in the beautiful City of Toronto we took the Path to the clients office and back. On our way back, I was approached by a young man of around 24-25 years old asking if I could spare .50 for him to get himself something to eat. He explained that he was trying to get to BC for a job. He had his ticket to get out there by train but he needed some cash for food. He was asking anyone he could for .50 so that it didn't burden any one person too much. Again my co-worker was horrified! She had never been approached by anyone like that and it was written all over her face. So, I did the obvious and began grilling the young man on why he would do something so silly as to leave his home and family to make a move like that with no money and how could he approach people with a smoke in hand! At $10+ for a pack of smokes....well you get my drift...

My co-worker was squirming just a little, so then I fished into my wallet and gave the guy a $20. I don't know why this kid touched my heart...but he did. Poor co-worker, I think she was a little surprised. She said something about me being a softie and I explained to her..... I have this code I live with....once when I was young, people reached out to help me and therefore I will do the same!

Okay, so maybe I am a softie, but don't tell anyone!! Shhh...
Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Very Interesting...

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Think I could get someone to give me an advance??

Busy Weekends

All of Canada celebrated with us this weekend. We celebrated our great country's Birthday! This year we celebrated by packing up the youngest kid and her friend and taking them up to Parry Sound to a friend's cottage.

Unfortunately Mother Nature didn't feel it necessary to cooperate in making this a great warm sunny weekend and most of our time was spent in sweatshirts and sweatpants.

On Friday evening we arrived just in time to empty the van of all our gear, get a fire started and sit under the awning on the front porch and watch the rain come down. It was actually a great way to relax and enjoy our first evening.

On Saturday, we awoke to cool weather and cloudy skies and this continued through the entire weekend except for a very brief time when the sun was out long enough to entice the girls into bathing suits so they could go for a swim and a tube ride. Well, one of them, Brianne, got a tube ride before the sky opened up with cold rain again! With the rain temporarily stockpiling itself in the clouds above, the men made up an 8 foot picnic table and we ladies prepared a feast of steak and salads. After dinner we broke out the beverages and cuddled up next to the fire.

On Sunday, we were determined to make the best of our last full day at the cottage and although it was cold the girls got out for a boat ride with the men and Dawn and I did what we do best....play cribbage! It was a great way to end a great weekend. We returned home that evening because hubby had to work on Monday night and we couldn't fathom spending our entire last day of the weekend sitting in returning holiday traffic.

This week is going to be a busy one. Lots of preparation for my upcoming business trip. I'm off to Quebec City and I'm bringing my three girls. It will be the very first time that the 4 of us take a road trip of this sort. I will have to work for parts of our trip away but it will be fun for the girls to explore that beautiful city while I'm busy taking care of business....

Hope your Holiday weekend was a good one! What did you do to keep yourself busy?