Wednesday, October 31, 2007

and the winner is......


Got a phone call late yesterday afternoon that I was the winner of an 80GB iPod classic. That's right, a business card into a fish bowl at a conference can lead to much more than an unwanted salescall!

Nice huh!

Yeah real nice....except not sure if you remember that I am technologically stunted! I don't understand stuff like this and I don't feel that I want to get to know the stuff by reading some manual!

Kind of like my crackberry (that I still can't use the phone on, but that's another story!) I know how to use the basic things in the crackberry....i can answer and send email, play the brick game and use the messenger feature....but aside from that...nothing! In fact I haven't figured out how to send or accept meetings in the calendar portion of it and that really sucks! I can put in an appointment for me...but then I have to use my regular computer to schedule a meeting that might require the presence of others.

So the prize goes to the Tiling Queen, who conveniently got hers swiped from her backpack and she'll actually take the time to use it! Plus she's deserving!

I think she'll appreciate it more than I ever would!
Monday, October 29, 2007

Thank you Tile Queen!

This past weekend Aimee aka Tile Queen installed the most beautiful Porcelain Tile Kitchen floor that you have ever seen. (and you will as soon as I get the kitchen back in order with baseboards etc.

On Friday morning we woke early to get things ready and realized we didn't have the proper scraper appliance Aimee and I headed out to Home Depot. At Home Depot by 7:17 and back home by 7:30 to begin. Aimee and Rob got to work mixing the flexbond stuff that sticks the tiles to the floor. Then Rob went to bed and the next assistant started (Aimee's man Gemini). Laying the tiles was an all day process from 7:45 am to around 5:00 pm. My job was to ensure that they had all the food, drink and anything else they needed to complete the task at hand.

On Saturday morning I got up early and started cleaning off the tiles of their yucky cement like stuff so that they would be beautiful for grouting. The grouting seemed like a much simpler process than the actually laying of the tile and was completed in a little under 2 hours! Aimee is the TILE QUEEN! In fact I think I would be bold enough to say that she is in fact the Home Renovation Queen and if this whole PHD Science Researcher/Professor thing that she's going for at University doesn't work out for her she could actually run her own general contracting business. She has a long list of hands on experience that she learned while fixing up our home. She'll make some man very happy one day (I think her current man is kind of intimidated/turned on by her home improvement knowledge!)

So Hats off to you Tile Queen!
Thursday, October 25, 2007

Meme Thursday

Mary Pat loves to make me think about crazy stuff! Today, I was expecting to go over for a relaxing visit and what do I find....a stupid meme with the order that anyone who is reading it ...should be going home and doing their homework and telling 7 Random things about themselves.

So because I like MP and I generally do what I'm goes nothing!

1) I love Jerky! Any kind of jerky! Aimee brought us Emu and Kangaroo jerky back from Aussie Land...haven't tasted it yet, but I'm very excited about it. Every Tuesday night at the pool hall there is a guy, I call him the "jerky guy" and he brings me new meat! He is a god! A Beef Jerky God! Hubby doesn't even mind that I call him that as he too loves the "jerky guy"!

2) I wear sandals until the snow falls. I hate closed toe shoes and I hate socks even more! There is just something about enclosing my little tootsies that makes me sad. Some people strip to their undies when they get home from it's back to barefoot.

3) I loved being pregnant. I was the happiest girl when I was carrying my babies! There is just something so special about carrying a little life inside of you and being able to indulge guilt free in whatever foods your little heart desires all at the same time! Sheer HEAVEN I tell you! I also liked being "barefoot and pregnant!!"

4) My two favorite condiments are mustard and vinegar. I think I got this from my Mother. (at least the love for mustard) When making a sandwich, it must have lots of fact maybe more mustard than meat! I eat vinegar on my fries and gravy and on my plain potato chips. Some think that is very weird.

5) I love to drive! I would drive to the ends of the earth! My idea of a great trip would be to jump in my vehicle with no limits to time or money and go wherever the path led me! I love adventure when it's share with someone you love! I wouldn't want to do that kind of thing by myself!

6) I cannot start the day in a good mood without doing the daily crossword puzzle. I used to do this privately and not tell anyone because I felt a little foolish to have this kind of need, but one day hubby caught me doing it on the weekend and now he's hooked as well. When we get old we are still gonna get along fine cause I love his mind!!

7) I'm not a quitter! I've never successfully quit anything in my life! I've tried giving up smoking, over-eating and even cursing! Nothing works as I have no willpower! I'm also not a starter! I've never started exercising, dieting or killing anyone, even though I've often thought that quitting or starting any of these things would solve many of my health issues!

I'm off for a long weekend now...going home to supervise the installation of porcelain tiles on my kitchen floor starting tomorrow morning. That reminds me, I really should take some before and after pics...

Have a great weekend folks!!
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Look to the Future

I have been known to keep abreast of current events. I'm led there by default in my search for the daily crossword. Good headlines have a tendency to pull you in and make you read the article and this one caught my eye:

Why your children may never leave home by Jennifer Wells a columnist for the Toronto Star.

Jennifer's story could have been mine! Go here to read and substitute "Three Boys Inc" with "Three Girls Inc."

See what I mean! It's so totally me. So I got to thinking. What exactly will my girls have to do to someday own their own home?

Aimee and I have talked about doing the joint thing. You know what I mean....big house with a little in-law suite for Rob and I to last out our days when we are old and can't do anything anymore (you know , next year!) We definitely saw that as a possibility but we also saw that it might be problematic in some areas.

So instead of the morning crossword...I head over to the MLS real estate listings and have a boo to see what's out there. Real Estate is booming and housing prices are so high in our area. Now I know it's a little early to be worrying about all of this..but they are my "Three Girls Inc" and despite what Jennifer Wells the columnist may be contemplating...well this just isn't an option for me. My girls will always be welcome in our home, even when their 40!

Then it hit me as I dig through my wallet for change to put in for the lottery (this week the prize is a sweet 20 million) I guess I should stick a couple more bucks onto this one and hope for the best!

Just Imagine! hmmm, a post for another day!
Monday, October 22, 2007

How did this happen?

How did I become the person that people look to?

How did I become the strong one?

How did I become the great giver of advice?

How did this happen?

I'm feeling especially emotional today! I'm feeling little and weak and all I really want to do is hide in my bed and try not to cry. I don't even know why! I'm sitting in my office and I can't stop the tears!

Please don't talk to me, please don't look at me...just let me have my moment of weakness!

And NO, IT'S NOT THAT TIME OF MONTH! , it could however, be that time of life!

It's only Monday and confrontation has abounded this morning and I'm feeling very much like I'm going to have to resolve it and that SUCKS!

Hope you all are having a better day!
Thursday, October 18, 2007

Enter if you dare.....

Last night I was visiting friends that I haven't seen in a very long time. I made a statement that I'm not comfortable in social situations, mostly because I don't like most people.

I'm pretty picky about the people I surround myself with as I get older.

I don't want to deal with people that feel it is necessary to drink until all of the alcohol in a 40 km radius has been consumed and then try and carry on a conversation or even worse sing!
I don't want to deal with people that feel it is necessary to pay enormous amounts of money for their worldly goods, rub it in my face and then don't even appreciate what they have and don't fricking use it (yes, referring to stupid neighbours with hot tub and built in pool that has not been used more than 5 times this calendar year!).
I don't want to deal with people that can't hold an intelligent conversation and feel the need to prattle on about NOTHING of importance or repeat the same uninteresting story over and over until I just want to SHOOT myself!

In fact I just don't wanna deal with anyone that hasn't been pre-approved by the "Linda says you deserve to step within the circle of love" The pre-approved people know who they are! They are good with this! They don't introduce new "people" into the circle before going over the qualifications .

Let's face it ....most people suck!
Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thank Heaven's for 4 day weeks.....

The last couple of weeks have been a mixture of work and travel for work, family and entertaining family...and celebrating things to be thankful for.

I thought it appropriate on this wonderful Thursday to make a list of the things I'm thankful for.
  1. my family- okay that seems pretty lame when I put it like that, I mean everyone is thankful for their family aren't they? Alright, maybe not everyone. I, however, am! I have two great, healthy parents that I've finally realized love us for who we are even though they don't approve of everything we do...I'm 44, it's about time I realize that, don't you think? I have 3 great kids that have made me proud to be a Mom. They make me laugh, cry, pull my hair out and I now realize that they are infinitely smarter than me...they already know I love 'em no matter what! Last but not least...see I did these in the order that they affected my wonderful hubby. He makes me laugh, makes my heart sing when I look into his eyes and my skin tingles when he hugs me or brushes my hair away from my eyes.
  2. my friends- I have the very best friends a girl could ever ask for. I have Hubby and he's my bestest bff. I am thankful for Colleen. She makes me laugh, makes me cry..she makes me feel! I know that she's there for me to call before pool and just go over and hang at her house. We are comfortable together. I can tell her anything and she gets me! She's funny, she's smart and she's the kindest gentlest soul hidden behind a fun bitchy exterior...i guess alot like me...soft and squishy on the inside and tough on the outside (kind of). I am thankful for Dawn. Dawn is always late, but worth the wait. Dawn is always the voice of reason. Dawn is always calm and strong! Dawn is the best BINGO player I know! Dawn makes me smile and she makes me laugh. I have a bunch of acquaintances that I play pool with, work with and blog with... people that listen to and read my trivial little thoughts and don't tell me they don't wanna hear it anymore...for them I am also very thankful!
  3. my job- yup, I'm thankful for the folks I work with, for the clients that teach me new things everyday and for the paycheck that pays the bills
  4. my home-the great money sucking fixer upper is my wonderful house! I love my little house. It truly is a home where, I believe, people feel comfortable coming over to mostly untidy home. They hang out, tell their secrets and above all they laugh! Notice the common thread in the people and things I surround myself with....LAUGHTER! I love to laugh!
  5. my pets- yes FLD and LTD make me laugh as well. LTD is not only leaking all over the place but something is dying inside her and it's trying to make it's way out in gaseous form leaving behind the worst farts that anyone has ever smelled, even she leaves the room after doing it. FLD had a hayday with the turkey carcass this past holiday. We thought we were careful and put the garbage out after cleaning up out thanksgiving dinner but it appears as though FLD stole the turkey carcass out of the garbage when we were eating and hid it in two pieces in her mom's laundry basket for future chewing fun.
  6. my crackberry-'nuf said....I just love it!
  7. pumpkin pie-yum
  8. extension cords- they keep shit working when you can't figure out what's happening in the fusebox. That's important stuff!
You know there are many other things that I am thankful for but damn work is getting in the way and I have to do some....

Have a great day and THANK HEAVEN for 4 day work weeks cause I come!
Wednesday, October 03, 2007

come out come out whoever you are!

It's today...the day I've been waiting for! I love visitors!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekends make me wish for more weekends!

Do you ever feel like that? When you sit down at your desk on Monday morning...well, the only thing you can think of is how fast to the next weekend?

This week is going to be especially long because next weekend we Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving and it's a 3 day weekend with Monday as the holiday.

This past weekend the whole family (yes all three girls were in attendance, a definite rare occasion on the weekends) went out for dinner at this really nice Chinese restaurant called the Mandarin. I had never been there...the food was pretty good. Of course when we got home all of the girls scattered to random points of the earth with their boys and I retired to my usual Friday night position...lying on the couch catching up on my TV.

Saturday morning up early to give Hubby his weekend exercise (get your minds out of the gutter!!) doing the on-line crossword puzzle. In the afternoon, Aimee and I attended a baby shower for Heather. I would point to her blog but what would be the point? Her last blog was last January, promising to be a better blogger! The shower was fun and there are so many fun new things out there!

Saturday evening...all girls out again leaving hubby and I alone together again with me in my favorite location, the couch and hubby inviting a friend over.

Sunday morning, up early to exercise hubby's brain again and then off to pick apples. We got alot of great apples. Honey Crisp just came into season and Red Delicious and Mac's are usual favorites at our house. I also picked up some Blossoms (little individual pies) for people to feast on when the dessert need strikes.

All in all a great weekend that makes me wish it were next weekend!

This weeks going to be a busy one. I'm off to the great North on Thursday, Thunder Bay is the destination. It's about 950 miles due north west of where I live. It's a quick turn around though, fly in on Thursday and out on Friday afternoon!

Hope your weekend was good and your week is better!!