Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How "insert appropriate waste of time here" am I????

So Mary Pat is doing all these fun little quiz things and I'm joining in the fun cause I've had so much sugar I can't sit still and my mind can't focus on anything more complicated than this!

Stupid??- not today they say!

The Stupid Quiz said I am "Pretty Smart!" How stupid are you? Click here to find out!

Loser?? I am COOL!!!

I am 20% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

2 out of 3 ain't bad but really I totally could have predicted this one!!!

My computer geek score is greater than 9% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

So what gets rid of the sugar rush???

Happy Hallowe'en!

My Prince....Deal or no deal?

Well we've determined that Monday night is not the greatest TV night. In fact it's so bad that we've resorted to watching game shows and really bad shows about princes that want to meet women that are worthy of his princely charms...but since he's so worthy he's too fricking lazy to go out and find himself a girlfriend/wife the old fashion way!

The problem with this is that we got SUCKED in! In fact we got sucked in so far that we actually TIVO'd it!!! So far... that I actually went on to the website to find out more about the damn guy and why he's choosing this route to find his princess instead of the more usual way of riding a white stallion through the streets of New York. I mean come on...he's in cosmetics! Why can't he find a woman?? Oh...he's in pet spa and treatments...well on that note I have to say he is frankly the worst advertisement for his own company! One of his adventures on last night's show was a meet the family date of a woman that had a little pug dog and he didn't even glance at the dog! He should have been bringing them doggy bubble bath! One of the other girls had a little yorkie that was also very cute and again...NOTHING!

Anyway, the other show that I am now absolutely hooked on is "Deal or no Deal! Howie Mandel is the host. I didn't recognize him at first without his surgical glove headgear! He's much better looking without the glove and even without the hair!

There's something I don't understand about the contestants on that show! They make statements that don't make sense! One lady coach made a statement that she didn't take the deal because the two top prizes were still up there, continued and when the banker guy offered her 286K she caved and took the deal (I would of as well!) but really the two top prizes were still up there when she caved! What changed! I tell ya, a coach without a game plan is not a good coach! Turns out her case held the million $ prize. I guess that's the draw of the program, getting to watch somebody else make life changing decision (good or bad) from the comfort of your own couch.

On another note....today is Hallowe'en. Here in the workspace this may be the very biggest and most celebrated event of the year. Even bigger than the company Christmas party! Everyone dresses up, brings in the required treats and takes the opportunity to act like young children that have eaten all their nights stock in one sitting and basically no work is accomplished. This year the theme is "The Old West"
My costume, jeans a checked shirt and a borrowed cowboy hat! Not very imaginative! Some of my coworkers enjoy this event tremendously and put time and effort into the planning. I am sincerely NOT one of them! I officially stopped "Trick or Treating" when I was 13 and 30 years later...nothings changed!

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!
Friday, October 27, 2006

Pool Nazi's and Other Ramblings

Can I just impart to you the knowledge that our 9 Ball team sucks! It's confirmed that the only thing we can clearly be good at on that team is finding "nice" nicknames for all the jackasses we play against.

Last night I played a much higher ranked fucktard that annoyed me to the bitter end. I was playing well and at one point early in the game I was tied with him. Considering he has to get double the amount of balls that I had to get...well let's just say I should have won and I didn't.

It seems that our team togetherness is being threatened by a member of the team and frankly I'm not sure what to do about it! I've been told by the "Pool Nazi" that she isn't playing with us next session unless the "Rude Accountant" goes. In fact, Aimee was kind of insulted by something the "Rude Accountant" said to her as well and normally she doesn't have issue with her.

Anyway, the placard boards are coming out this weekend so that we can at least try and get some votes for Wildcard! LOL!

On another bright note, it's Friday morning and truly I need it to be Friday at 5pm so that I could be on my way home to the warmth of my loving family! I love Friday nights. After a long week it's nice to know that you can go home, throw on the old track pants and slippers and only do what you wanna do! I like the weekends as well but there is a underlying resentment that relaxation is really not what's gonna happen. In two days you must sort out the grocery status, the cleanliness of the house status, the laundry status, the esthetics of the yard status....and the list goes on! It gets to feel a lot like work except you don't get a paycheck for it!

So I've officially started my Christmas shopping. I got Hubby and Aimee's main gift. I'm very excited about that! I must say that the reason that I don't usually start this early is because I can't contain my excitement. This years gifts are kind of fun things that I wish I could give them NOW...but I won't I'll control myself! The other reason that I don't usually start this early is because I am sure that I will buy way to much stuff, hide it and forget where I put it. In the past when I've bought the odd gift really early, I've forgotten where I put it and not found it until birthday time!

Anyway, it's time to get it into gear for the day.

Have a great weekend folks! {{HUGS}}
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sunrise, shmunrise!

You Are Sunrise

You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.
You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward.
Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.
All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.

I took this quiz thing twice, cause I could answer some of the questions two different ways and it came out with the same response twice. Say it ain't so! I can't be Sunrise! I'm sure I must be some dark and gloomy afternoon!

10 things that make me weird!

Brianne tagged me! I'm not sure why those I love/like feel the need to make me expose such things about me!

10 things that make me weird

1) I love mustard.....on everything! In fact a mustard sandwich is probably my all time favorite. I put it on my toast or bread in a very distinct pattern to ensure that all surfaces are covered.

2) I talk to myself when driving. I have the best conversations when no one else is there. I'm also VERY mean to poor unsuspecting bad drivers...I say VERY nasty things about what could be very nice little old people if they didn't have driver's licenses!

3) I am antisocial. I generally don't like to be in the company of others. In fact I really don't like people in general. I find most people to be entirely too false, stupid or imbalanced to waste time with. So why is it that I've chosen a customer service role at work?

4) I feel guilty spending money on anything other than groceries! Groceries is the only thing that I can spend outlandish amounts of moolah on and not think twice! So why is it that I'm always broke??

5) I love shoes. My name would be Imelda if I didn't have #4 as a weird thing about me!

6) I love the thought of adventure...but I will not try new things by myself. I need to have someone else to share in getting lost, breaking down on the highway or any of the other perils that could be associated with said adventure.

7)I have three kids but I don't like babies. I have little use for helpless little individuals. Bring a baby around and I will look at them, I will coo at them from a distance, but I don't get alot of pleasure from holding them, feeding them, changing them or otherwise! Hence the reason my children are all emotionally disturbed because I didn't pick them up out of their cribs till they were 4 years old and could speak in full sentences...just kidding!

8) I love the smell of magic markers, tape and play doh!

9) I hate spending money on undergarments! Most of my undergarments should be trashed but I won't spend money on replacing them so they remain the favored garment of the saintly....HOL(e)Y!

and last but not least....

10) I love Liver and Onions! I will order liver and onions at a restaurant if it's on the menu.

So, in review of my list there are some things that make me seem weird...how about you? Any weird things you'd like to tell us about?
Monday, October 23, 2006

The fight between GOOD and EVIL....

According to this neat little site, my blog content is:

This site is certified 29% EVIL by the Gematriculator

or you could put that in a different perspective and say 71% Good (but what fun would that be??)

Dance the night away....

Friday night was Hubby's ball banquet. Every year we attend this over-priced affair for the opportunity to eat horrible food, dance to bad music, watch other teams get awards, trophies and jackets and spend some time with the folks we spend some of our spring and summer with and allow hubby to spend some time with the guys before the long winter snuggle up.

Now, Hubby is not the most athletic round boy around. In fact we (my girls and I) nick named him Bam-Bam, mostly for his cute little running technique. The one thing my husband is...dedicated. Hubby would miss work to participate in a late 9pm ball game, that's just the kind of guy he is. He's not a great runner, he's not a great batter, but he has the biggest heart of all the men I know. In fact he breaks his heart everytime he misses a ball, doesn't get a hit or gets out on base. He's very hard on himself.

Back to the banquet...now this is an event that many look forward to. I am not one of those many. Normally by 10pm I'm so wishing I was anywhere but there.

This year was different for some reason, I really don't know why! Some things remained the same.

1) Our team had the best turnout from the men's division!

Don't they look all nice and respectable!!!

2) The food SUCKED! I think this year was the worst in all the years that we've been attending!

3) A pregnancy was announced...Congratulations Matt and Danielle!!!

Some things were definitely different.....

One Stolen Trophy!

Still all pretty normal fun.

Add Alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol and the real booty shaking begins!

The boobies get played....

The big money comes out...

The relaxation mode kicks in...

I don't really know what happened.....Must have been a full MOON!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fun with Quotes!

I borrowed this little bit of fun from over at Dad Gone Mad. It brought back such good memories of movies that I've enjoyed in the past.

So please play and remember to tell me what your fav quote is in the comments!

1. Go HERE.

2. In the SEARCH field (top left part of the page), type in the name of your favorite movie.

3. When you get to the movie's page, click the link in the left navigation bar that says "MEMORABLE QUOTES." (It's in the Plot & Quotes area)

4. Find your favorite line from your favorite movie and post it in the comments section of this post.

Here's mine from "The Breakfast Club" circa '85

Andrew-"We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all."

Come one come all and tell me yours!!
Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend with Baby

Brianne is taking a parenting class. I'm not sure what value this class will provide her with in the future for college or university.
What I do know is that after this weekends assignment, she will never want children of her own!

Brianne had the responsibility to bring home one mechanical baby complete with stroller, car set, diaper bag and all other baby paraphanalia. Baby Girl was very cute (and heavy). She needed to be treated just like a baby, fed, diapered and rocked. In some instances she only wanted to be rocked and frankly her agonizing cries made it impossible to ignore her...especially at 2:16 am when you gotta work the next morning. When Brianne signed up for this, so did the whole family. We changed diapers, rocked the baby and fed her! Brianne had to be around this baby at all times, she had the key on her wrist that could not be removed. Everytime baby girl began to cry, the key needed to inserted in her back, if the baby beeped then it was crying for a specific reason (needing changing or feeding) if nothing happened...well then baby just need to be rocked.

We were informed at 10 pm on Sunday night that a baby scrapbook needed to be made. Aimee and I were just turning in for the night, but both our ears perked up at the word "Scrapbook" and we decided that some festive and interesting pics of the baby were needed so that we could get some holiday pics and some sleepy pics and some bath pics and therefore create a memory book worth working on! We truly are way to enthusiastic about scrapbooking! So Aimee went to work making Bri pose with Baby in different outfits, around different decorations (just a coincidence that we have the house decorated for, Fall, Halloween and Christmas all at once??? Quite an experience...here are some pictures of my mechanical granddaughter (that we promptly returned on Monday morning)

Brianne and baby in the back garden

Scaring up Fall with Baby

Trick or Treat??

Angels under the Christmas Tree

A little Winter Fun

Baby and Hunny

Bathtime for Baby

Getting ready for bed

Nite Nite!
Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ma Bell, You're killing me!

In a day and age where good customer service is often the only reason that a customer remains loyal, where choice of provider and choice of service option are ever growing...you'd think that making an effort to keep your customer base loyal would be a priority.

This morning I didn't think this was the case...Jennifer called me here at work and asked if there was any reason that the phone shouldn't be working. Clearly she was asking without asking "Mom, did you forget to pay the phone bill??". Poor, poor child, taken back to a less fortunate time when we never knew what might be turned off, when as a single mom I juggled the bills and put off paying things for as long as possible just to ensure that if anything totally horrible came up (like needing food, bus fare or diapers)we might have what was needed. There were some pretty close calls. Now, I know what you are thinking...OMG, what a bad parent! let me tell you they were close calls and although the credit rating is not perfect...I've had the same damn phone number since I moved to this town 15 years ago! so I'm not that bad!! ooops sorry about the rant!!

Anyway, I phoned repair department and was advised by their highly efficient, oversees call center operator that she would be happy to assist with my particular problem as long as I didn't mind waiting till Tuesday the 17th of October between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm and was there a phone number at which they could contact me to call me? EXCUSE ME? You have got to be kidding me was my only thought! 5 days without a landline??

After explaining to her that I didn't think that was a good answer to my concern, I was advised that her screen clearly dictated that Tuesday the 17th was the earliest that any service technician could assist me. "Would I be happy with that?" Well hell no I wasn't happy but clearly in her cubby somewhere on the other side of the ocean she really didn't give a shit!

I called the Phone companies customer service department, explained my dilemma and advised them that I was almost certain that I could get my problem addressed more quickly and when they asked how, I promptly told them I could get a new service provider hooked up tomorrow...

I want you to know that at NO time was I rude, I did not curse nor use my "Loud Mommy's pissed now" voice. I was calm, cool and collected but adamant that they needed to address my concern in a more timely fashion. The nice lady that lives in my part of the world actually agreed, escalated my concern and got me a repair appointment for tomorrow. That is much better and excellent customer service!

** 3:56 pm Thursday- Update, apparently they really love us! Phones are working again, we needed a new junction box on the house, the duct tape that the last repair guy used wasn't holding up anymore and the wasp nest wasn't helping either!
Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hurting the ones we truly do care about

In one of my posts (accidentally deleted this morning when trying to moderate comments) I rambled on about my wedding experience and the wedding that I was participating in. I used one post to express my feelings on the frustrations that I felt during my wedding preparation and the current frustrations that I was experiencing with participating in the one that I was going to participate in.

Despite all of the frustrations, I realized what the friendship actually meant to me and although late in the game, I got into the spirit of the occasion and I think I truly did my best to be supportive and help make the day a decent one.

I never should have accepted the request to participate as Matron of Honour to my friend. I had very deep feelings of hurt and resentment left from my wedding 8 years ago. Without having the guts to say something to her face way back then, I had kept all of those feelings locked inside of me for a long time and looking back I was less than accommodating during the planning of my friends wedding.

I hurt her deeply in expressing my feelings on my blog, when I posted of the frustrations and without a doubt she saw things differently where my wedding was concerned.

I attach for all to read today....her comments on that particular post. Some of the people that were involved in my wedding preparations and were there to support me through that time will not agree with Christine's view on this.

But for the hurt that I have caused Christine, I publish this and publically apologize for any hurt that I have caused. I understand if you never want to speak to me again. I will accept that and will let you know that I will not attempt to contact you.

There are two sides to every story. I read your comments the night before I left for my honeymoon and I could not sleep for the pain and nausea I felt at this betrayal of our friendship. As well, I spent most of that week and this fretting and worrying about your not-so-private musings.

You've stated that I caused you nothing but grief for your wedding, making dress selection difficut. You did forget to mention that you were a total dress Nazi making my life hell the entire time. My only request was that I could wear a dress that was easily shortened later. You insisted on choosing a dress that went far beyond anything that I could reasonably afford at that time and was also not approptriate for altering after the fact. I kept silent at the time (without griping to others) because I thought that is what friends do. I'm not certain how I made fittings difficult for you. I made the appointments, and with one exception due to a last minute work commitment, went to them.

I was determined that I would not cause you the stress for selecting a dress that you caused me and so let you know that any outfit you thought appropriate would be more than acceptable. You didn't receive any input because you went shopping on your own and presented what you had already purchased to me after the fact. When you called and said, 'I'm going shopping tonight', I responded, 'Sounds fine, call me when you're ready and I'll come with you'. It was your decision to go without me and not allow me any input. You are right. I did think your suit was a little dark, but it brightened up considerably with your choice of camisole and matching shoes. I thought you looked great and you chose something that you liked, would wear again, and was within your budget. How did this cause you grief?

You seem to have forgotten that when you were planning your wedding that I; Went with you to look at halls and examine menus, I went to bridal shops with you, I spent the day at a bridal show with you, Spent time helping to send out invitations, Spent time assisting with the seating plan, Was available for all telephone conversations and ready and willing at all times to pitch in whereever and whenever required. I tried to share and not intrude as you had your mother and two willing teenage daughters ready and able to help.

I asked you to come with me to my dress fitting because I wanted the company. However, you made it more than apparant at the time that it was an imposition.

Thank you for letting me know the name and telephone number of the woman who made our cake. It really was delicious. I was going to order one from a bakery when you suggested someome of your acquaintance. Though I did have to ask you five times for her phone number.

It was nice of you to pick up hair ornaments for me. I did ask your opinion of what I might use and you went ahead and got something. Again, I never thought giving your opinion would be something you resented.

I also asked if you had any reccomendations for someone for hair and makeup. The woman I used to use for special occasions is in Burlington where I lived previously and I thought that was too far to travel on a day with time restrictions. Your friend, Jen, did a very nice job on my hair as well as yours.

I was very happy when you volunteered to prepare and print the programs. I don't have access to a printer and as I worked until two days before the wedding was going to forgo having a program. I do feel that they are a nice touch for the guests and a great keepsake as well.

It was also great that you volunteered to prepare the place settings. Bryan was happy as that was on his agenda of things to do.

Thank you for the manicure and pedicure. When you informed me that you had done this I was uncertain as to when it could fit into the schedule. As you know I went on Thursday, after I prepared the food for the rehearsal dinner and before the the dress rehearsal at the church.

The ordering of flowers was a last minute enterprise and a surprise for me as well as you. My boss's wife told me she wanted to take care of the flowers and it wasn't until the last minute that I discovered she had not made arrangements.

You're right when you wrote I didn't want a shower. I think they are silly and a gift grab. You are also right that I don't have many friends. Many acquaintances, but I prefer to be choosey about who I care for.
You are mistaken that I didn't want any pre-wedding party. A small backyard barbecue might have been fun. If you recall, we threw one for you and Rob and I provided and prepared all the food for it. You informed me that I didn't want a party. You called me up and said,'I don't have to do anything stupid like a shower or party, do I?. You didn't leave me much choice but to say no.

In your comments you somehow make it sound that we are such horrible people that the best man had to back out. You neglect to mention that we discovered he had been stealing from us and losing what he had thought was a good friend of twenty years has caused Bryan a great deal of pain and distress.

I don't think that after this you will have to worry about my annoying you with phone calls.

It has been very painful for me to realize that our friendship was such a strain on you. Though we have not been in constant contact over the past few years, I never thought it was necessary when two people cared. I always imagined us as two little old ladies toasting what had gone before and reliving the joys and pitfalls of our lives. I guess this shows that friendship is like any relationship and requires work and effort.

I feel humiliated that you would publish your thoughts about me on the web. Tell me if you're angry, tell me if you're upset, but don't let me discover what you've told others in such a backhanded fashion.

I've never posted a comment on a blog before so I assume that this will be archived. If and when you read this, I ask that you don't delete it and tell those who read your original comments that there is two sides to every story and direct them to my comments.

By the way, this girl has a name and it's Christine.

For this Christine, if you ever come back to read, I apologize publically for hurting your feelings. I will stand to this day and say that you definitely had things going on in your life at that time that I think distort your memories of my wedding and the plans. This I know because...well, I have people that can confirm various things that happened. Those things I will not publish because they are about you and your life....my blog is used to vent and express my life happenings and feelings. I will continue to voice my opinions and feelings.

My only regret in this whole thing is that the "friendship" was not real enough for me to actually tell you how I felt in person and that I have spent many years feeling bitter and angry about that time in my life when you placed bets on how long my marriage to Rob would last at the bar...yes, I heard about it...in fact I think you owe some people some money! Hurt is a two way street!
Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kicked to the curb...

You may have noticed that no one's been around for a few days....we've been in and out of hospital with Aimee this week.

On Sunday night I took Aimee to the hospital with a really sore throat that she was sure was a very bad case of tonsillitis. She was only partially correct. It was really bad, temp 104, Strep throat. After three glorious hours in the emergency room of our local hospital, she was diagnosed, medicated and sent home. We stopped at the 24 hour pharmacy on our way home so that she would have what she needed on Monday when the next dosage of meds was required.... Monday, Aimee took her meds but was barely able to swallow due to the pain and when things weren't any better on Tuesday morning a return trip to hospital was in order. Aimee was admitted to hospital, fed intravenously saline, changed anti-biotics and morphine for the pain. That helped tremendously. Due to a shortage of beds they released her later in the day with pain meds and new antibiotics, with a promise from her that she would do her very best to stay hydrated. Today she is feeling much better. Throat is still sore but at least she can swallow. Next step...removal of those pesky tonsils. Once she is healed completely we will make the appointment for surgery to get this overwith once and for all!

Good news...Jennifer got her first supply teaching position. Today she is working as a grade 7 & 8 replacement teacher. It's only a temporary position, but it's a great start and I'm sure she will do wonderfully! Her only concern was that those grade 7 & 8 kids might eat her alive...I'm thinking that won't happen but I'll keep you updated.

Brianne's still in big doodoo! Her English teacher finally wrote me today to advise that Brianne had not completed her english assignment. We have an appointment to speak on Wednesday morning at 7am. That should be fun! I can't wait! I've never had to meet with a high school teacher before! I can't wait to hear what she has to say!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Applepicking

This past weekend was a very busy one! On Friday, Freckles the Furnace Guy, came to deliver unto us the news about the "Big Guy" in the basement. Well it appears as though a new belt was all this baby needed for its updated attire! Not a new shirt or even pants! It's fabulous, it appears as though Freckles got the old guy Showered, blow dried and ready to go for another long winter! He's pretty adament that no one will die from carbon monoxide poisoning this year! This is great news!

Saturday, we spent the rainy damn day cleaning, setting up the Christmas Tree and doing the grocery shopping in search of a lovely bird for next weekend's joint Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebration.

Yes people you read correctly. Next weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving. Here the harvests tend to be a little faster than you folks in the States.

Oh, you meant the reference to the Christmas tree and the celebration of that...Well, that's easy enough to explain. That's my girls for you! They could not imagine missing, spending some time around the Christmas tree with their Grandparents. The last few years my parents, THE GRANDPARENTS, have become Snowbirds and they fly (they actually drive) to the Sunny State of Florida in early November.

This is where they spend their Christmas. The girls miss them at Holiday time. This year it was decided that we would get them at holiday time anyway. So Thanksgiving will be celebrated main floor with a fab meal and Christmas will be celebrated downstairs with soft Christmas music, Christmas tree and lights!

I know for some this may seem odd...but what of it? We've always said we were kind of strange!

Anyway, we finished off the weekend on Sunday, picking apples at Chudleigh's Apple farm with Colleen and her girls. We had a great time! Hay Rides, farm animals, baled hay mazes, Pony Rides and picking apples! Fresh Crisp Apples! YUMMY!

We went back to Colleen's after and we assisted Colleen with her first attempt at apple pie. I'm not sure how it turned out but I bet if you check out her blog in the near future...there will be a story...I can almost promise it!!