Friday, November 21, 2008

I got a new car and other news.....!

I got a new car and I'm excited! Did you catch that reference to car? Yes a car! I'm actually pretty proud of my environmentally practical self. Okay, it's true it was also partially (mostly) about the deal that I got and the price of gas and the fact that I absolutely LOVE my service adviser at the dealership (that's love in the "he gives great service" kind of way!!)

It's a real beauty.....I will take pictures of it when I pick it up tonight and post them this weekend.

SO here is what it should look like.....
Only bigger!
This is the 2009 Luxury Edition Kia Rondo. It's actually a crossover vehicle so it's not your typical car! The colour I got is Black Cherry (so in the sun you are supposed to see a hint of red, we'll see if that actually is true when the sun comes back out in June!)
I actually got a great deal and this baby has all the toys! I got leather seats (heated), sunroof, CD player,sirius radio, mp3 and bluetooth both play through the stereo, cruise control and so many other features.

I also got 5 years of car payments and that sucks but I suppose we'll always be paying for something!

On the home front.....

We (and when I say we I mean all of us including Jen and Matt) are going to have dinner with Aimee's boyfriends family tonight. Aimee wants us to be on better than best behavior...not really sure what that is but we'll try I guess.

I've started my Christmas shopping and aside from stocking stuffers, I'm pretty much done except for hubby's stuff...cause I don't know what to get him.

Brianne is working 2 jobs and I think she hates them. This makes me happy! It means she just may be serious about going back to school!

I've been very tired lately! I can't get past 9pm most nights before I have to go to bed (or at least start wishing for it!) and Aimee feels the need to chastise me about that not being a reasonable bed time for an adult. She gets all "sleep expert person" on me and I have to remind her that I am her mother and can still beat her into being nice to me!!

I guess that's it for news on this front...will post pictures asap!!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Seeing is believing!

So the verdict is in....the van is definitely a write off but still no word on how much the insurance is willing to pay...

Here is a picture to give you an idea of what a fight with a deer can do to a perfectly good vehicle!
My advice....only hunt deer with a registered firearm! Use your vehicle for driving!
Monday, November 03, 2008

Such a Deer

No that wasn't a spelling error! I really meant DEER!

What I should have said was DAMN DEER! Please tell me what you were doing on highway 403 at 1:15 am on Saturday night!

If you had just been grazing in the woods taking care of little Bambi, I wouldn't have hit your big ass!!

So there you have it, while traveling home from an evening out with a friend I hit and possibly killed a deer with my van.

Score: Van 0
Deer 1 (possibly 0 if I in fact killed the damn thing. We don't really know because after I hit it I may actually have totally lost my mind and I don't even remember what happened until I pulled over to the side of the highway to call police/cry and get angry...all in that order.)

We went looking for the deer to no avail. It's quite possible that it ran off into the nearby woods to die or possibly it jumped back on to the highway further up the road only to be hit again by a little black Mercedes that limped over to where we were waiting for the OPP to show up. He had also hit a deer...his died!

Anyway, I'm fine....I will live. We'll see what the insurance adjuster has to say.

I'll keep you posted!
Luv Lin