Friday, February 25, 2005

Could it really be? All about Me?

I know it sounds extremely selfish to start my blog all about me, but it's all about me and so there you have it! Here it is Friday afternoon and this is the first time I've blogged all week. Not a good start to the new me!
Actually we've had a great start to the new me! 25 days smoke free and 7 days into eating right for a new me! Are you following the common thread here? It's all about me! I don't know how long it's been since every meal I cooked or decision I made was all based on my needs? At least 23 years! It's a little daunting (but nice) to know that the kids are independant enough that it really doesn't matter what you decide cause they can take care of themselves and DH (dearest husband) has always been okay with me being good to me, because he's good to me!
Because the DD's (dearest daughter's) were home this week from University they actually spoiled me. Most of the planning/cooking for meals was done by the girls and all of the cleaning was done by them! I'm going to miss them next week when I drop back into the reality of having to do it myself! I'm going to work on a meal plan before I go shopping this weekend so that I can make quick, easy low point meals that I have all the ingredients for. I think it will be easiest if I have all the stuff in house so I don't make excuses. I'm going to just make the decision to make everyone eat the same as me. What harm can it do? DH could stand to lose a few and the young one needs to start eating healthier so she doesn't get my bad habits! Anyway, time to sign off for the day, remember ONE POUND AT A TIME! TTYL
Saturday, February 19, 2005

Getting Started

Well I guess I'm starting over again....I had a wonderful blog done and went to edit something and lost everything. It sucks not knowing what you are doing at times. Oh well, it's all about continuous learning isn't it and I'm continuously learning! I started off this morning writing about the new journey I'm beginning today. Today I begin to take things (off) "One pound at a time!". The girls came home last night and Jennifer has managed to get me a complete set of the WW books for my reference, I going to begin the program on my own and see where it leads me. Thankfully the girls are home for reading week and have made it their mission to help get me started. I've set my first goal to be "fitting into the plane seat comfortably"for the trip to Vegas this summer. That's six months of "One pound at a time"! I may not be at goal weight but I bet I fit the seat more comfortably than last year. I'm actually looking forward to the journey! Anyway, along with the revised eating habits must come activity. I got myself a key to the gym at work and I'm going to use their treadmill. It's got a TV there that has the news and I can use that time in the morning to discover what's happening in the world. Hopefully all this will help fix the one health problem that really plagues me. Shortly after giving up my first vice, I started getting some problems that would make anyone sit up and think! The chest pains and the numbing in the left arm led me to believe that I had some serious health concerns. What more does a gal need to to know that its time to get to the Doc's. Many test's later and the conclusion heart trouble, no cholesterol trouble, no triglycerides hmmm what could be the trouble? Blood Pressure again! New dosage on one pill and the addition of two more....all combined with life's new journey and we are on the road to living life to its fullest. Apparently, I need to find a new way to deal with stress. We know how it used to be handled...but ahh no more! So I guess that's part of the reason I started blogging....a journal to share my ramblings...nice part, nobody has to read them, but they are out there for all and that kind of makes you feel like you are talking to someone! So off to my first cup of black coffee (cream is too many points). Have a great day! TTYL
Friday, February 18, 2005

Not as inadequate as I first presumed!

Well it's done! The bathroom floor and wall renovation project is done without incident! My loving, caring husband has actually completed the project in one evening just as planned and nobody got hurt! He's a smart guy and knows his limitations..I also now what's good for me and after attempts to assist with planning, in the car on the way home from work, it became quite apparent that I should just stay out of it if we were to remain married. He makes assumptions that everyone in the free world knows that there are different thicknesses of plywood and different sizes of toilet flanges. (who would of thought that all toilets weren't alike???) Clearly I was not aware and because of this I chose to remain in the basement lovingly taping his shows that he would miss. Rob is smart because he allowed our neighbour to lead the way (and do most of the work), Rob waited t be told what to cut, where to cut it and when to refresh the beer! Amazingly it looks fab! Not really my choice of flooring but hey, it was free! Next on to other decisions such as "What is a good bathroom colour anyway?"TTYL
Thursday, February 17, 2005

All this and so much more!

I've been thinking a lot about my life lately and I have come to the conclusion that things are pretty good. I have 3 wonderful daughters, a wonderful dumbass husband and a great job that keeps me interested. I have a great house in a great neighbourhood and on one side I have a great neighbour! Its hard to keep this all in mind when I also have no money, no time, and a house that needs bathroom repairs among other things.....but tonight the bathroom renovations begin. OMG, ,can I tell you how much this scares me! My husband is good at many things (mr. fix-it he is not!), all summer he helped the neighbour with his addition by guiding him on what to do with the siding on his house. In trade for this the neighbour is going to assist my husband with the repairs to our washroom. Hopefully things will go smoothly and the new drywall and floor will be installed before the night is done. (I'm still SCARED!) I'm gonna stay out of the way and hope for the best. They will figure it out and, Hey, what's the worst that can happen?? Should this prove to be successful this may be the beginning of something beautiful. Maybe with our income taxe money we'll get the basement walls, floors, shelving and lighting down there....keep dreaming! TTYL!
Wednesday, February 16, 2005

All over a radio station

It's a proven fact that little thought is made for the actions we sometimes take! Take this morning as an example. It started out at 6 am, quite pleasantly I might add, with a wakeup nudge that moves me out of a dead sleep into the bitter reality of being an adult and having a job! Shower taken, lunch made, time to move to the car to begin the days journey. My husband Rob and I have very different tastes in music...I'm a little bit top 40's and he's a lot hard rock, punk and angry music. Can you see where I'm going with this......I made a conscious decision some weeks ago to find a station that is somewhat a compromise for us when we are both in the car...Rob used the car last and the station was on his very loud, angry hard rock station. The first thing I automatically did was change it to a station that both of us can usually tolerate. Snow removed, windows clean and interior warmed we headed for coffee. Just as we are making the move off the highway onto the off ramp he makes his move! He actually changed the radio station back to the station I despise and became totally insulted with me when I commented on it! He said it was all about choices! "That's why there are so many buttons on the radio, so one can have choices." I think he was surprised when I lost it!
He made a choice alright! A choice to piss me off first thing in the morning .....After seven years of wedded bliss you would think he'd recognize that I hate his angry music! IT MAKES ME ANGRY! Needless to say we started the day angry, all over a radio station!
On another note, my daughters' began to blog recently and both sent me their links so that I could keep up with their journal entries. It was interesting to read their ramblings. Aimee, I'm sorry if I hurt you with my comment....I honestly never meant to leave that thought in your head...sometimes it's just hard to know what is going on when you are far away. Jennifer, OMG tell boy to get some balls and come visit you....I really won't bite him unless you want me too! Anyway work is calling and another day begins......TTYL ;)
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A life changing decision

I watched Oprah last night! She really has inspiring guests some time! Last night her show was all about weight loss success stories....something I've been trying to be successful with for years, to no avail!
Something was said by one of her guests that made real sense to me. She said she made the decision to lose weight, not that she would try, but that she mad the decision to lose the weight. So today I made the decision to lose weight as well. I know I can do it. I quit smoking with very little problem and I really liked smoking! I really like to eat as well but I REALLY HATE being FAT! Enough is enough. Today is the first day of ONE POUND AT A TIME!
Monday, February 14, 2005
Hmmmm.....I never really thought that I would find myself blogging! I have heard much ado about this new form of stress relief and I'm thinking it might just be exactly what the Dr. ordered. So HumblingMoments is the site, and another day is today's posting......
Here we are, it's day 14 and still going strong! I really never thought it would be possible. Who would have known that the sheer possibility of having to pass a urine test to win a car could provide such resolve! My parental units would be so proud, if they knew! I haven't told them yet....over 40 and still afraid to disappoint them, OMG! Well maybe someday. Well that's it for now, maybe we'll try this again later! TTYL!