Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Truth and the competitive spirit!

I could be said to be very competitive.

I play pool competitively, not very well, but competitively nonetheless.

I joined the football pool at work, again not doing so well. I know nothing about football. My first week I chose my picks based on which city I thought might be prettier, I got 6 out of 16. The second week, I used Hubbies picks thinking he watches the game and therefore his would be an educated guess...silly me, 4 out of 16 that week! Last week I used my friends picks, he regularly plays a football pool and he claimed to do well so, well I'll give him a chance...this week 10 of 13! At no time did I ever say that I know, understood or chose the picks myself, unless I did!

Recently, I joined in a trivia challenge that pits one reader against another for points to win. For me a perfect occasional diversion. I love a good competition even if it's for the simple fun of being able to say...C'est Moi! I WON, YIPEE!
The webmaster of the particular site that is hosting this trivia contest has clearly changed the answer of one of the participants and I'm not really sure why....I asked a question and then a volley of questions about why was I asking this, they had never heard of it..When I read the webmaster's question back to me, it occured to me that he was either an idiot (I really don't think this of that person!) or he really had missed the fact that someone had incorrectly copied an answer from the net (that's what cut and paste are for is my thought!). When I went back to copy and paste their answer into my new was different.

Well, WTF! this basically made me feel like a FUCKING MORON! Mostly for being angry that he changed the answer in what was supposed to be a fun little competition amongst friends... and second that now I feel bad that I pointed out the error in what I thought was a fun forum and now I guess it's not so fun anymore! Clearly he must have been thinking I was picking on that person!

I openly admit that when I don't know the answer, I research it on the internet! That is not is resourcefulness! I even stated that in one of my answers.

So, hopefully, my webmaster friend who reads this blog and knows what I'm talking about, recognizes that this started as a game and my calling out the error on his web forum was meant a part of the fun, not to cause trouble and recognizes that the response I expected was a "HaHa...I missed that, too bad my website etc..."

I did not expect him to go back, change a participant's answer and then ask a question back that clearly made me look like an idiot for asking!

So in order to get comments up on my website....please feel free to comment on the situation or on the statement below!

Today, I stand before you nekid (okay not nekid!) and cheating worth winning and in what circumstances would you cheat?
Thursday, November 23, 2006

Going someplace???

Until today I have been relatively certain that I have a freakish fear...then I read this comment from an anonymous contributor on another person's blog .

"My biggest fear, is being lost. I rarely travel alone, and I won't at all if the distance is great and I do not have anyone to meet me at the destination point. I'm on the brink of panic every time I fly alone, both in the departure airport, as well as in the destination airport, and the feeling doesn't subside until I see for certain that I am truly at the correct gate, or when I see my friends waiting for me when I arrive.

Oddly enough, I am not afraid of being lost when I am with someone, so I guess I should qualify my original statement to: I am terribly afraid of being lost alone."

OMG!, that is me! That's why I don't like to travel to unknown destinations for work related meetings without being armed with a) a map from Google Maps and one from MapQuest cause you never know which might be right! b) a full tank of gas c) a fully charged cell phone and d) the route advice from anyone that will give it!

This is why I've never gone exploring malls and other destinations on my own.

When doing things that require distance and travel into the will never see me do it on my own. I will always have a travel companion. When I have a companion, I'll travel anywhere we want or need to go and I'll even put on the VERY brave face so you will never guess that my heart is racing, my palms and brow are sweaty and gross! I mean really, what would happen if I broke down? My bravery definitely increased when my vehicles birth years started with the "200x". In fact, I think I may have even suggested a road trip or two! If you have someone with you in a time of crisis it's just easier to have to be the strong person that can deal with things...they are standing beside you to bear some of the burden!

Today, my boss was getting a report card from a client on my ability. I've been cranky most of the week because I've known this was coming! It's funny, because I know that I'm pretty good at doing what I do....but man, that's a whole other fear. Anyway, the Boss came by and apparently, I'm doing okay and the client is pretty happy with my level of service.

See on the outside I appear to be very strong and on the inside....MUSH!
Monday, November 20, 2006

Welcome Little One!

Got a call from our friends Chris and Nadine on the Sunday evening. They welcomed their little girl Rebecca Sharon Valerie Psiuk into the world in the early hours of the morning.

This 7.28lb, 19 inch little girl was born on November 19th @ 12:25 am.

Chris was sounding very proud and excited, what you would expect from a new Papa!

Congratulations to all of you and welcome RSVP!
Friday, November 17, 2006

Van Whisperer from a distance or getting to know Phil and Nic

It's decided, apparently my Father the Van Whisperer is capable of whispering sweet nothings to the van all the way from sunny winter spot!

As you recall from my post earlier last week, directly after Dad suggested that I get to know the guys at the dealership, the van's check engine light came on! Well, on Tuesday evening on my way to pool the dash lights started intermittantly flashing red batteries and emergency brake lights at me...all red and dangerous looking! Aimee and I decided that we would park where we could get a boost and leave early from pool just in case. On Wednesday morning I decided that I would go straight to the dealership and see what they had to say.

I arrived at 7:30 am.

Phillip was there to greet me, "Good Morning, it's not the check engine light again is it?" he inquired.

"Oh no, not this time" I confirmed. "This time we have very dangerous looking flashing red lights in the shape of a battery and emergency parking brake thingy!, but really it's not on stopped when I stopped to get Timmies this morning, I guess she likes Timmies as well!"

Nic looked up from his crossword puzzle, "Can you leave her here with us?"

So, that's what I did. Phil gave me a ride to work at 8:30 (an hour later than I normally get to work, but they needed to make sure that anyone that needed a ride had waited the minimum 45 minutes for the guys to heat up their vehicle and finish their crosswords!).

At 4:15, I got the call. "Ma'am she's ready to be picked up, we've replaced the alternator and belt"

Immediately, the tears welled up in my eyes, my stomach contracted and my cheque book hid in the deepest recesses of my purse!

"So, break it to me gently, what's the damage?"

The response brought the checkbook out of hiding and my tummy did a flip for joy! The tears although they remained become ones of joy! "No charge, covered by warranty!"

When I picked my precious girl up that evening from the dealership, both boys were there to greet me and wish me well in my travels and invite me back to see them again.

So Dad, please understand when I say, "I've gotten to know these two guys well enough and although they've been very nice, stop whispering to the van....or my husbands gonna think I'm having an affair!
Monday, November 13, 2006

Applications and Van Stories

Friday the van had her spa day. She got her oil changed and apparently she got her gas tank cap oiled and rubbed as well. Did you know that if you don't have a proper seal in your gas tank that it affects your emissions? I didn't know that!

On Saturday we went out to dinner with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday...Happy Birthday J! The food and company were both excellent!

On Sunday morning I went in to the university with Aimee. Aimee likes to get an early start to accomodate her research and the subways don't start running until 9:30 on Sunday morning, so I decided that she could drive in to Toronto. Now Aimee doesn't have a lot of experience on the highway and Toronto is a big city compared to our little bedroom community. She's a very good driver and her first drive into the big city was "well executed" as she would say! Another couple of times going in with her and she'll be able to take these little Sunday morning jaunts on her own.

So you might ask what I did during that time....Well, remember I told you about my new favorite game show, Deal or No Deal, with Howie and all the pretty ladies? I completed the online application to have a chance at becoming a contestant. It took me 3 hours to complete it! They asked some very interesting questions! I toyed with the idea of giving up a couple of times, especially when they asked me to write a short poem or rap to tell them about me. Instead, I submitted this:

to the tune of Fresh Prince of Belair

Listen to my story cause this is how,
My life is getting better, starting now.
And I'd like to take a minute, you can sit or kneel,
I'll tell you how I became a contestant on "Deal or No Deal"

In Northern Ontario I was born and raised.
Raising children is how I spent all of my days.
Changing diapers, heating bottles and making food,
All whilst dealing with a two year olds attititude.

When I realized that my husband sucked and was no good,
I packed my kids up and moved to a new neighbourhood.
We got a new place and a brand new start.
And that is when I met that man who stole my heart!

Fast forward to eight years later and the time is now.
My three girls are now young ladies and we made it somehow.
I saw a wicked show on TV and I'm taking a chance,
When they pick me to be on it, they'll see my happy dance!

I'll go to the audition in the heart of T.O.
They'll see that I'll do anything to be on the show!
They'll choose me and then I'll choose the million dollar case!
My last words to the banker-"In your Face!"

I had to choose 5 Supporters and send pictures of all of us! I chose Hubby (he's my lucky charm), Aimee (she's the voice of reason) Jennifer (she'd push me on, NO DEAL!!!) Colleen (she's my strength and calming friend in competitive pool) and Dawn (she's the number's gal..that girl could give the banker a run for his money calculating odds!) I think usually you can bring 3 people on but how could I leave any of my best gang out?

OMG, I get excited just thinking about it! One of the questions was asking if you ever posted anything to the internet. I told them about my blog. Not the kind of thing you can leave out. They require total honesty, so let's hope this isn't a "Deal" breaker!

In the meantime...think good thoughts my friends! Maybe, I'll get to be a contestant! Wouldn't that be fun!!!!

Have a great day!
Thursday, November 09, 2006

Check Engine Light

Last night I got a surprise call from my Dad. Apparently they had not left for Florida on November 1st. Reason: Dad's not been feeling great and he needed to get that under control before he left to the land of costly health coverage. He's been to Dr.'s, hospital, tests etc and I just found out about it! I'm a bad, bad daughter!!! How could they not have left and he have been so under the weather and me not know about it? We're a close family, is all I have to say! This example of family togetherness may also explain part of the reason I'm also a bad Sister/sister in law/auntie etc..I haven't seen that part of the family in almost two years!

Enough with the guilt already! I can't take it anymore. My friend having ability was called into question last month and this month, my family having ability.

Anyway, the reason Dad called was to update me on the name of the new service manager, remind me to have my oil changed regularly and also that the upcoming 96,000km checkup would cost me a fortune (for advance planning of course, so I could put the kids out on their street corners to start earning their keep!)and that he was still the best Dad in the world and was going to help me out with that cost! We discussed the value of bringing the van in to the dealership for an overpriced/appointment required oil change vs. the cheaper faster no appointment necessary Jiffy Lube type deal. He's my Dad, he's had a lot of vehicles and clearly he probably knows best.


The Van is used to having Dad as an owner and this morning as soon as I got my coffee at the local Timmies, the "Check Engine" light came on. The van wanted to visit the dealership and therefore I obliged and off to the dealership we went.

Phillip at the dealership knew Dad by name and VIN #. I think Dad must have told him he'd whispered to the van sweet reminders of the shop that serviced it on a usual basis and that we'd be in. Didn't matter to Phillip that the light was on....APPOINTMENT REQUIRED!!!

So, we're driving with the light on and going in at 8 am tomorrow morning and while we're there we're getting an oil change and getting friendly with the service manager so he knows my VIN # too!

Mom and Dad, drive carefully did leave today didn't you???

Be safe, be well and I really dooooo looove you both TONS!!!
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dreary Days and Dreams

Today is gray and dreary. In fact it's spitting out, just enough to make it miserable and make me want to crawl home and back into bed and I would, except my snoring spouse is there and I wouldn't get any damn sleep I'll just stay here and pretend to be a productive member of the office team.

Okay, so maybe I won't be pretending.

I've been having very weird dreams that just go on and on and on....the kind of dreams that make you want to stay in bed forever. Do you see my dilemma? Rainy and cold makes you want to sleep and these saga type dreams are enough to ask for coma inducing meds from my family physician.

On another note...tonight is the night that I've been using as fodder for my dreams (both day and night) for 3 full days. Tonight is the night where my numbers could be picked for a prize of $36 million. That's a lot of millions and here in our great nation, we don't pay taxes on lottery winnings. Well, we do, but only on the interest earned on the cash! So that means, we get it all and if we spend it before we deposit it in the taxes!

I hear that one of the catches that we do have is the gifting of $$$$...if you gift money, the other person needs to claim it as income and pay taxes on it. I also hear there is a way around this...before you go to collect the $$, make a list of all the people that you want to share in your happiness and have the lottery commission make cheques out to the individuals...that way they are winners too and don't have to pay taxes. If I win, my newly appointed accountant will need to advise me on this one, cause I have a lot of people in my life that could use a little happiness!

So here are some of the things I'll be doing with my winnings...
1) Make a friend/family member smile with happiness at paid off mortgages, new vehicles, cash in the old bank account.
1) Pay off debts of all immediate family members...yes kids that's you too!
2) Taking immediate family off to a fabulous vacation to hang out with these:

then on to see these sights...

and wherever our little hearts desire.

Before we leave, we'll need to get the architect/construction people started on building my house, with the plans that I already scooped from a builder in Vegas.

We'll also need to get someone looking for hubby's dream car's.

Yes, he has a list that I'm not allowed to mess with! Despite my need to be somewhat practicle, he reminds me that this is his dream and we'll negotiate practicality after we win. Whatever!

I love the days prior to large lottery draws...the whole slogan, JUST IMAGINE! is so appropriate.

So what would you dream about?
Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Friends!!!!

Today marks a special day!!

My very good friends share their birthday. This is because we do everything together! Just kidding...just a very neat coincidence!

We'll start with Colleen...because she reads this blog. Please head over and wish her a Good One!!


Now yours may not be a so-called "special" birthday, BUT you my dearest, are VERY special and I'm honored that you are my friend! I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantabulous year!

Now let's talk about Dawn...Dawn is turning 40 today. For her birthday I won $400 at Bingo just after midnight last night and since I love her so much, I shared. Alright then, you caught me..I shared because that's just the deal we have, we split all our winnings 50/50. But it was nice to hand her the cash, usually it's her handing it to me. I also got our friend George the Bingo caller to announce her birthday....since I'm older she had thought I might forget!

So now to you my dearest Dawn....


You deserve only the best and my wish for you this year is that you get all the things you desire! I love you bunches!!

So to both of my dear,dear friends, all the best!