Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lightning Struck the - - ithouse- a Rynoboy production

So a quick post to fill you in on all the fun things going on in Casa de Linda....

  • A++!! That's the grade my beautiful washroom gets in its 98.5% finished state. Yes folks Rynoboy has completed his work in my bathroom and it is so beautiful it makes me want to live in it. I will soon take pictures and post them!! Now, all I have to do is choose a paint and get it done!!
  • 4 more sleeps and my oldest birdy will fly the nest....I will miss her quirky little songs, noises and other strange acts of a slightly odd primary school mistress....
  • my den has a beautiful new ceiling, potlights and crown molding courtesy of my wonderful renovator (see a) above) my dining room has a beautiful, elegant medallion and hook up just waiting for the wonderful light fixture that will grace it's wires....also courtesy of same dynamo! Soon it too will have wonderful crown molding that will bring further joy and elegance into my life! Stan really is the man!
  • I'm lovin' hot tubbin! Arctic Spa and Billiards! I really am enjoying the healing properties of it and it enhances our backyard enjoyment tremendously! Sometime in the near future Hubby and I may get to spend some time in it together...alone! Right now our schedules don't match exactly and the rest of the time the gang wants to hang out and enjoy the tub as well. This is great for us to spend genuinely good family talking and relaxing time!
  • Since Kilo's been gone, Hunny is lonely and needs a friend. Last night she went looking for one and almost found a 2000 pound metal one! I guess we weren' t paying attention and she got out sometime while tools and things were being packed away outside. Thankfully a neighbour down the street scooped her up and held onto her until she heard us calling in the street. It only took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to find her!! Today that neighbour received a very nice thank you card complete with LCBO gift card!
  • I'm helping my very good friend with her wedding preparations and planning her Stag and Doe and wedding shower...all very fun stuff!
  • Update on the booby saga....another ultrasound and another biopsy on the 28th of July and then who knows from there....
Well I'm positive there's more but I have paint to choose and rooms to paint!!...soon I'll have some pictures and we can sit down and really talk!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cell Phone + Popcorn Kernals=Holy Shit!

This is too weird! I don't even know if I believe it!
Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sneak Peak

I snuck in when RynoBoy wasn't looking and grabbed these pictures. I hope he won't mind....

This is our gutted bathroom without the moldy walls but still with rotted floors.

See the nice new piece of plywood around the toilet hole....it's a great thing that we are not going to end up sitting on our john in the dining room!

The gutting of our washroom was a massive job. There was plenty of mold and rotted wood. No surprises according to Stan. He had a clear idea right from our initial consultation that there would be all of that and more. In fact he asked if anyone was having breathing problems because he could smell the mold.

Stan started the job when I was on holidays and when I came back after his first day, I was surprised to learn that he had totally removed all of the fixtures from the washroom by himself. DD#1 said he was a "Beast"! He is, but he's a kind and gentle beast!

In the first week he rid us of the old and in with the new. Stan even had the forethought to give us the use of the bathtub (5 adults...no shower, you do the math!) He's done extra little things around the house for us this past week without being asked.... he helped hubby with the last contractor fiasco so that we could get the hot tub in, he repaired the drywall above my patio door claiming the original people had realized how unprofessional they had been and come back to fix it!

He's a great contractor and a wonderful man and we are lucky to have chosen him. If you are in the GTA you really need to go look at his web-site and check out some of the work he's done. My bathrooms not in there yet....but it will be!

I took this picture yesterday....see the nice shiny new tub, the beautiful chrome fixtures and the AMAZING tiles and tile job!!!!! I have all this because STAN IS THE MAN!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Lovin' Hot Tubbin!

Ta Da!!!

There it is folks! The moment I've been waiting for since the snow began to melt! On Thursday afternoon the hot tub was finally delivered. This picture is hubby having a beer after work at 7am Friday morning. That's right a beer! He deserved it! A long night at work followed by a cold beer or two in the hot tub, that is the life!

The construction of the deck was less than smooth. The company I hired were less than professional, in fact anybody reading this in the GTA stay away from RENOCLUB! They are slow, unprofessional and not cheap! The only good thing about them was the carpenter they sent. The carpenter and his crew did an extremely good job. The deck is well constructed. The carpenter finished his part on time considering all the mix ups (remember the posts!!). The clean-up took an entire week to get done! In fact, we did most of the clean up and just left it on the side of the road for the company to finally come and get it. My bathroom guy helped!

Oh, my bathroom guy! I'm in love with my bathroom guy!! Stan called me and wanted to start my bathroom project 4 days EARLY! That's what I said....EARLY! The bad part is I couldn't let him because my deck still wasn't complete and I was in contractor hell! I really didn't think I could handle the stress of one more contractor in my midst. He agreed to start last Monday. We are one week into living without a main washroom and not only have we not killed one another but we've made a new friend in Stan! Stan has come to my rescue to stop the leftover insanity from the other idiots. He assisted me in readying the backyard (by hauling leftover materials, garbage and stuff the other idiots still hadn't taken) for the delivery of the hot tub, he fixed my overflowing kitchen sink, all the while completing the first part of a very nasty bathroom demolition! To give you an example of how wonderful and thoughtful Stan is....he worked very hard to get all of the mold and rotted stuff out of the bathroom and ready for tub install within the first week so that we could actually take a bath in our new soaker tub!! That's right, first week all the rotted removed, all the new electrical, new plumbing, new water resistant drywall membrane (I dunno, I'm not a bathroom renovator!!) stuff put in so that me and the girls could get clean in the bath! According to Stan we should be totally complete this week except for the granite counter top that can't be measured until the vanity is installed on Wednesday. Hell, no sink....piece of cake....we've been without a shower for a week.

I have pictures and I will post them when I have some more time!!

Have a great week folks!