Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I've been a bad, bad blogger......

OMG I looked at the last time I posted and just realized that time has passed very quickly without me updating the world on happenings at the Casa de Linda.

Okay, so the new car is a hit and the heated seats are very welcome in all this cold weather we've been having.

Christmas and New Year's have passed (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by the way!) without a lot of pomp and circumstance.....however, I did get spoiled! In fact we all got spoiled this year!

I was off from December 19th right through to January 5th and although it was filled with cleaning, eating, drinking, sleeping and more cleaning...it was a great time.

On Christmas Eve we gathered around our dining room table and ate BBQ'd steak and steamed crab legs until we couldn't move any more! This year I didn't even go through the motions of making potatoes or veggies cause no one ever eats them anyway! After we ate, we retired to the family room to open our one Christmas eve gift (always new pj's so we look pretty on Christmas morn!) then we played Rockband and Singstar till it was time to go to bed and wait for Santa. Matt and Jen came home for the night so they would be there with us to open gifts in the morning.

Christmas morning we opened gifts till there was no room left on the family room floor from the excessive amounts of wrapping paper! (we aren't very clean openers!) After breakfast, the kids left to have dinner with the families of the men in their lives. No turkey at my house! Brianne and Rob and I ate left overs from the night before and filled in with appetizers that we had hanging around the house. I spent the afternoon watching season one of Buffy with Bri and then I watched the "Sound of Music". A very nice and quiet day!

It was a good Christmas overall.

I did finally cook that Christmas dinner on the 27th. Jen came home for it but Matt had the stomach flu and couldn't be with us.

The next few days were spent cleaning and organizing until New Year's eve.

Hubby and I spent New Year's Eve in the hot tub with our very good friends Mark and Dawn. Everyone else that normally comes around had other plans and although we missed them we had a really nice time with too much food and drink and lots of laughter and wishes for a fabulously good year to come!

I will try and be a better blogger this year....no promises though!