Monday, February 11, 2013

We went off to see the Psychic......

What seems like many moons ago a friend of Middle Daughter's asked us if we would be interested in seeing a psychic.    At the time it seemed like a fun way to spend a Saturday morning so we agreed.  Well, a few weeks ago Middle Daughter and I made our way over to an aquaintances house to meet with that psychic. We arrived about 10 minutes early and the lady we were supposed to see had yet to arrive.  Middle Daughter was a little concerned that the person that had set this up may have known the psychic and perhaps shared information about us giving her perspective on us and allowing the reading to seem more accurate.  Good psychics are difficult to find as you can imagine.  I have never known anything about the ones I's always been arranged without investigation through a friend or neighbour. 
When the psychic arrived it became obvious that our acquaintance did not know this lady very well.  To us that was a good sign.  I was her first appointment.

Her name was Autumn Dawn, she professed to be the "Keeper of the Light"  Good thing cause my lapsed Catholic soul may have actually cringed a little if she had been the "Keeper of the Dark and all things that go bump in the night". 

We met in a small office on the second floor...window ready for me to be thrown out or perhaps throw her out if things got messy and she told me things I didn't want to hear!  I walked in, she asked my name and introduced herself and then she didn't shut up for a full 40 minutes.  She did my crystals, followed by channeling where she held my hands and spoke of my "lovely green and orange Aura"  (her words not mine) and then she went on to do the Tarot cards. 

She was AMAZING!!!  She told me my maternal grandmother was with me....she described her down to her tiny physique and her thick accent!  Many people know that my background is French but this lady would have no idea and neither did the aquaintance. 

She told me things about relationships that I have that she could not have known.  She told me things about my past and present that actually shocked me to squeeling out loud at one point in her very words truths.  She gave me guidance on some next steps that I should consider in some currently confusing matters. 

Autumn Dawn soothed my inner soul by confirming that my strong inner faith in my God was very clear in every bit of my being.  She could read that I didn't need a church or a priest or anyone to tell me what to believe or how to believe.   It was clear enough that I do!  That touched me deeply as I spend a great deal of my waking time doing what I call "praying" for friends and family.  I pray that they find inner peace to accept what is next on their road, that they find healing of the spirit and body, and most of all that they find what they need to have to make them truly fulfilled and happy.

Bottom line...7 Grandchildren!!  I will not bury my children and I will live to meet at least 2 of my great grandchildren! 

I am truly blessed!!!!


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