Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ah.... the sultry slow days of Summer

I don't know about you but there hasn't been anything sultry about this summer. It's been slow to start is what it's been.

It's hard to believe we are in the early days of July. We've rarely had two days of sun and warm weather (above 25 celcius or 77 for my American pals) In fact I had the conversation that discussed how if it had been a day like this in May we would have been smiling from ear to ear for 19 degrees (66 F) but darn it this is July and it just ain't right!

All that aside, the summer always makes me want to curl up in a deck chair in the sun with a great book! I get a lot of reading done in the summer. After all there is little on the TV that amuses me in the summer.

I've decided that this summer would be filled with "Be nice to Linda" things. So starting this week

1)Monday- Aquafit- yes you read that right....I started doing Aquafit. Absolutely loved it. The hardest part was actually getting my ass in the car to ge there. Once I was there it was a challenging workout for this oversized lard-ass but I did it and felt great. I even roped DD#1 into coming with me!
2) Tuesday- more about me....I went for a massage. I gotta be honest I was supposed to be getting a big burly man to give me a deep tissue massage and they pulled the old bait and me roped in cause he was a big man with big hands and he was quiet! That's important cause there is nothing worse than having somebody chat you up about your life and theirs (as if I care!) while you are trying to relax! When I arrived it was this 20 year old tiny little cheerleader girl that would not shut the hell up! She did have man hands though! Honestly, next time I'm going with the gut instinct (i have a big gut I should always listen to it!!) WALK AWAY and come back when they got the right RMT!
3) Wednesday- shopping therapy after my appointment with a new client (shopping mall owner) I got a cute little pair of white sandals for work that were so cheap and then to celebrate I went and had a pedicure! Okay so the pedicure was planned! The one fun thing about the diabetes is that my doctor keeps telling me that my feet are very important and so it makes it okay to go for regular pedicures and who could resist getting lovely bright polish and a fancy flower painted on their toes for all to see!
4) Thursday- that's today and I'm off to Aquafit again tonight! Yes folks! break out the celebratory drinks...I going again!

Tomorrow is Friday and I have not figured out what will be the next treat but I know I'll think of something fun!! Maybe if it's nice I might call in dead to work and sit on my patio with a great book....hmmm....that is a thought!
I'll keep you posted.

So what about you? What are you doing to celebrate summer and You?


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